Skatepark Locator

CG 01:30 17/Sep/05

Even though there is only a handfull of indoor parks, I was wondering if it's feasible to include a "Search indoor skateparks" option for the skatepark search. Would make it easier on those rainy days.

</two cents>

oopspoops 07:19 17/Sep/05

i think that was the first intelligent thing a rollerblader has ever said, wow

mosu101 08:05 17/Sep/05

id like an option that could automatically sense if the person asking for directions was a fruitbooter or Bmxer and the locator then gave incorrect address details

gallantry is black? 11:07 17/Sep/05

^haha couldnt agree more, but not only misdirect them but send them to their deaths

Andrew.D 14:55 17/Sep/05

you may aswell just leave CG no one here likes you and everythread you make will just be hated on

DANGER MOUSE. 17:33 17/Sep/05

y dont you just try typing it in instead of thinking of sumfin pointless 2 make a thread about cos ur life is so boring...

Jonnie 17:51 17/Sep/05

Please dont fruit at bondi.....

CG 18:00 17/Sep/05

DANGER MOUSE. - I have no idea what you just said, but keep at the typing -- you'll master it one day.

Jonnie - I skate Bondi pretty much every Saturday.

Andrew.D - Thank-you for contributing to my idea about indoor/outdoor search function. Without your contribution, I don't know where I would be without it.

How about you kids stick to the thread topics instead of trying to be someone you are clearly not.

dubs 18:10 17/Sep/05

hahaha^ you guys got served by a fruit to boot..

mosu101 18:50 17/Sep/05

I didnt!
the idea has some merit!
CG however just likes stiring things up why else would a fruit booter be on a skateboard forum (apologies to Liz where ever she is)

sponno? 17:51 18/Sep/05

what about this

CG-you have red hair you roller blade and you like stuff stuff could meen anything expesially BIG BLACK COCK in your litle ginger ass

DANGER MOUSE. 20:44 18/Sep/05

OK MR CG, wat i was saying was...

if u just typed "indoor" into the parks locator instead of making a thread about it, it would have been much quicker u would have many less ppl hating on u 4 bein a gay kunt...

Potty 22:13 18/Sep/05

good idea CG its on the to do list.

CG 22:49 18/Sep/05

So it seems divided - people hating ideas because I rollerblade, other people liking ideas based on the merit of them, not on the person suggesting.

The maturity I was speaking about in another thread reigns true 'sponno?' & 'DANGER MOUSE.'.

rizzler 2.OG 02:22 19/Sep/05

You guys are pretty lame ragging out on every bike rider/rollerblader that comes on to this site, fair enough theyre annoying and sometimes snake's but deal with it, aint looking like theyre gonna think "Oh no, skaterboarder's are teasing me, better quit this hobby!"

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