Eastwood Skatepark

bryce. 20:34 14/Sep/05

anyone got any news on the eastwood skatepark thats supposed to be happening? or if there even is one being built?

phelon 13:23 15/Sep/05

eastwood where?

Surfer Sam 14:06 15/Sep/05

Clints backyard.

bryce. 19:23 15/Sep/05

in sydney

singha_is 02:33 16/Sep/05

thatd b ghetto as!

bryce. 17:11 16/Sep/05

lol singha, it would be rad i would be there everyday

vempyre 11:49 17/Sep/05

yeh if there was one there it should take over one of those gay football fields, they have like 4 of them wasting space....
but who even mentioned there was going to be a park built? stop talking shit.

bryce. 16:20 17/Sep/05

im not talking shit, thats why i said is there even one being built... yeh those football fields are a waste of fucking space and it would be go there cuz its right near the station

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