Franston Skate Park

Potty 20:42 08/Sep/05


Franston Skate Park

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 20:45 08/Sep/05

nice picture, how much did that take out of the budget

Potty 20:47 08/Sep/05

For immediate release: Wednesday, 7 September 2005


Frankston City Council begins construction this week on a unique skateboarding park at Samuel Sherlock Reserve, Frankston, centrally located near schools and public transport.

Mayor, Councillor Rochelle McArthur said the Council is spending $575,000 on the two-stage Frankston SK8 Park which should be completed by late December, early January 2006, depending on the outcome of the planning application for Stage 2. It will be one of Melbournes best skating facilities.

Council decided to complete both stages of the skate park concurrently to ensure that the long-held wishes of the Citys large skating population are fulfilled as soon as possible, giving our young people somewhere safe off the streets to enjoy this popular activity, Cr McArthur said.

We also plan to construct a local street skating facility at Monterey Community Park this year at a cost of $160,000 as part of this areas development and retain the existing Seaford skate area but removing obsolete equipment and installing new structures for beginner and junior use.

Local skaters are eager to see the new skate park open. "Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula have such a thriving skate scene its fantastic this project is finally going forward. After reviewing the plans this park is shaping up to be one of Melbourne's best," Troy Omahomy of Trigger Brothers commented.

Designed by Australias foremost skate park engineers, Convic International Pty Ltd, the layout of the 2,000-square metre skate park is unlike any other regional facility and will cater for street and bowl skaters with skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced.

Features include:

· Deep kidney bowl
· Combination bowl
· Banked hips and kickers and steps
· Hand rails
· Split level concrete viewing areas
· Ramps and ledges of various sizes

The skate park will also have shelters, seating, a water fountain and waste bins. Landscaping is integral to the project. A bund will act as a protective envelope for the facility as well as assist authorities with emergency strategies. The stands of indigenous trees and plants improve the amenity of Samuel Sherlock Reserve while also addressing residents concerns regarding noise, Cr McArthur added.

A unique feature of the Frankston facility will be the inclusion of street artists to design and implement aerosol and stencil artworks on specified surfaces within the park. This form of artistic expression will relate to young people and encourage greater ownership by both skaters and young street artists.

We will be commissioning acclaimed street artists who will work with youth groups on the design so the art will be adopted and respected as their very own creative space, Cr McArthur said.

Media Contacts:
Donna Mongan: 9784 1812 or e-mail
Ryan Sturman: 9784 1793 or e-mail

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 21:01 08/Sep/05

2 stage, good luck on the rest of the park kids. "Your luck you got anything you ungreatful, non rate payers"

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 21:17 08/Sep/05

wow another kidney bowl....

At least it's pretty hard to fuck up a kidney bowl!!

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 21:22 08/Sep/05

you would think so pete, but its all in the site prep. Have a look at some of the bowls these days, cracks, water seepage etc. But yes it is a "bowl" at least.,

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 21:28 08/Sep/05

yeah i was talking design wise... construction a whole other bag of fish...
It's pretty depressing in this sudden boom of skatepark construction (I was born 20 years too early!) how shit (or at best "average") most of the new parks are in terms of design and/or construction...
And we're going to be stuck with them for a long time...

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 21:54 08/Sep/05

that's the beauty of being older though pete, you can go and skate something over in the next town, state, etc. Always having something different to ride, arrrh its good to be alive

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 22:02 08/Sep/05

boody oath and am i glad I negotiated free petrol with my company car with petrol prices these days!!!

Despite the lack of potential quality of all the parks - we're still spoilt compared to the old days... The memories of the train missions to Quakers, Fairfeild St Marys etc (from the Sutho shire) seem so painful now and the train/bus mission to Mona just seems ridiculous now but back it the day we didn't flinch carting a bag full of pads, helmet, and shit!!

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 22:29 08/Sep/05

yeah know what your saying, 6am bus rides to go skate something all day long, didn't matter how good it was you were just stoked to have something to ride

CG 07:38 09/Sep/05

Shire pride!

kasperflipped 07:51 09/Sep/05

according to that sign its gunna have a feature sign, a bin and a water fountain.......................................rad!!!!

||BLANK|| 08:30 12/Sep/05

saw the poster the other day in psc, already got fences up..hell yuh, this is the best fucking news, all us franga guys r amped to roll it.

||biRDMan|| 16:58 12/Sep/05

yeah mike can drop inn

||BLANK|| 18:32 12/Sep/05

im so amped for this to hurry up and get built:):):)..look how perfect its gunna turn out.the part i dont like tho is the fact they wont "street art" on the park, thatll jus make it look gay.jus nice plain concrete will b fresh as

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