New Park - Newcastle ?

Butcher 16:31 06/Sep/05

05-Sep-2005 Rob from Concrete Skateparks is currently busy on a few new parks, one in Bathhurst and one in Newcastle.

Could someone advise where the park is?


TE 16:47 06/Sep/05

Which one?

m_brennan 18:21 06/Sep/05

yeh - i read that and got a little excited. i wonder where they are talking about :S

sylva skater 19:58 06/Sep/05

i heard sumfin about the newi park gettin a few blocks!
it would be nice if they are actually building a new good park in newcastle

Pig. 20:05 06/Sep/05

yes, manual pads and blocks for newi park
Change the fucker into a street plaza

TE 20:12 06/Sep/05

it would suit a street plaza

sylva skater 20:24 06/Sep/05

yeah it would
does ne one no wen the resurficing will begin

TE 20:49 06/Sep/05

next month apparently,go to shubba sylva

SORG 21:01 06/Sep/05

bout damn time i say

m_brennan 19:32 14/Sep/05

"...Rob from Concrete is
currently working on parks at Bathhurst, Newcastle and Mayfield..."

This was in the latest newsletter...Whats going on?

sylva skater 22:01 14/Sep/05

who knows
i can see that cops n stuff want to get a good park built so they dont have to chase us around on weekends but i dont think the council will put much money into as skateboarding comes last in newcastle
aww well i cant wait to see the day when it will be every suburb will have a park just like footy n soccer fields

if any one knows any thing about the park please inform

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