do not go to holbrooke

tinbum 09:44 02/Sep/05

in regards to....

"02-Sep-2005 I know it happens all the time, but I get pissed off when it does. Rumours has it that the new Parramatta bowl/park is being built by someone that has NEVER EVER POURED TRANSITION BEFORE. Got to love the council and their cheapest contractor policy. "

holbrooke was the biggest waste of money ever! it was obviously made by people who didnt know a thing about pouring cement, and it has turned out to be one of the worlds shittest stinkhole of a park.

complete with 2cm high rail that goes 60 degrees down a 6stair, 1 foot high quarter featuring oververt, the funnest thing to skate at this park is the footpath up to it

tinbum 09:45 02/Sep/05

oh and the box... the hips are nothing less than wallrides

tinbum 09:46 02/Sep/05

... with no roll away

just warning you incase u thought u might stop there on ur way through somewhere. DONT BOTHER

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 09:57 02/Sep/05

holbrooke is good for a leg streach and a piss on the way to Melbs, and there is nothing wrong with the park just look at the block, its great for pop ollies

drew 10:11 02/Sep/05

submarine wallrides

danoz 19:51 13/Sep/05

haha indeed drew

mosu101 21:12 13/Sep/05

how come no one calls Holbrooke by its real name "German Town" any more!

Potty 22:41 13/Sep/05

Mosu is that ture when did they change its name?

mosu101 08:09 14/Sep/05

name change from Germantown to Holbrook occured in early stages of world war 1

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