NsE InC 17:07 21/Aug/05

went there with a bunch of skaters and gathered some wood and other skatible stuff, and another barrier, coldnt beleive how packed it was when we got there

hes so hot right now 19:51 21/Aug/05

dang hope you find another rail tho that was such a fun rail

.krewsin. 20:03 21/Aug/05

yr i was the bees knees

NsE InC 20:32 21/Aug/05

oo theres this gnarly rail there now, its like a mini gap to grind sort of thing. theres also a concrete blocks they use for the carparks there. then the manual pad to sketchy drop. if you can get the pole from the top there thats a mad rail. please donate

Linky 20:38 21/Aug/05

Fuck i went there for like 15 minutes on saturday.

I basically just skated flat ground the whole time because that
awesome rail which was once there is now gone.

NsE InC, who were you? I arrived around 2:30'ish

NsE InC 20:43 21/Aug/05


did u see a guy in a red globe jumper and tight pants? that was me

Linky 20:44 21/Aug/05

Which part of it were you skating?

NsE InC 20:52 21/Aug/05

ummm heres a better idea.. go onto the chat

julius-melbourne 21:40 21/Aug/05

ill probibly go there this weekend and help fix it up

NsE InC 19:05 22/Aug/05

we need more wood

hotdogs 20:29 23/Aug/05

if u chek out the warehouses each side of the collins street bridge theres a shite load of wood and other random cool stuff. Insanely ghetto as well

Linky 20:52 23/Aug/05

hotdogs are you talking about those abandoned looking metal shed/warehouse things that u go past on the tram near docklands?

hotdogs 07:22 24/Aug/05

i dont think so depends wat tram ur catching. But if u get the replacement bus from flinders to spencer street station start walking over the collins street bridge. As you near the bottom of the bridge on the left theres stairs going down. And the warehouse place is there

NsE InC 21:06 24/Aug/05

i hope they dont take everything out again

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