engadine park

mike dd 17:53 20/Aug/05

sorry if this has been a topic already but i just wanted to no what people thought of engadine skatepark, i think its crappy and way too overcrowded with bike riders. i think that goes for every skatepark in sutherland shire.

mosu101 18:10 20/Aug/05

its in a great location but unfortunately the concrete is nearly as dodgy as five dock. Also dont like how the transition on the flat banks is so angular at its base.

Are there other skateparks in Sutherland Shire?

mike dd 18:14 20/Aug/05

yeah there is menai, PCYC sutherland, i think theres one in bundeena. thats all i no though. i hate the transitions too. they should have had more space cos there is like a huge car park and a basketball area behind it. i think it could have been at least 10 metres longer so it would have more space to actually do stuff at the park

TRENT M 23:02 20/Aug/05

engadine = bmxers and a wasted opp for a great park to be installed, lets learn from this mistake

Pig. 02:35 21/Aug/05

Bundeenas worse
Its a prefab park they managed to fuck up even more
trannys dont run smooth to the ground much liek engadine

The shire got fuckign jibbed for skateparks

DUBS 08:37 21/Aug/05

everytime i have skated engadine,i go home with a jarred back from the way the tranny hits the flat,that place was rad for a minute,can't believe how busy that place gets now.

CG 10:20 21/Aug/05

Menai represent. Best park in the Shire.

mike dd 12:40 21/Aug/05

the transitions are shit at engadine

Pig. 18:22 21/Aug/05


10:20 21/Aug
Menai represent. Best park in the Shire.

Depressing huh

oopspoops 19:42 21/Aug/05

i have much love and much hate for menai at the same time. worst people live there, including me when i did

CG 20:02 21/Aug/05

It's only Old-Menai that is depressing. The surrounding suburbs ie Alfords Point, Illawong, Barden Ridge & New Menai all have million dollar homes. It's just a shame that the old-Menai demograph is poor, and thus ruin the area with their lower-class ways.

mike dd 20:13 21/Aug/05

i go past it for sport every friday and i always see bike rider kids in there skipping school

DANGER MOUSE. 22:48 21/Aug/05

engadine is a piece, such a shitty park..... menai is shit 2 dfntly over rated........ menai drains r sick.....

mike dd 19:36 27/Aug/05

does anyone skate there a bit like every couple of weeks or something

faux sure 08:58 28/Aug/05

as everyone has said the trannys have been ruined. it was originally go back to the basketball courts but some kooks said they wanted to play basketball. therefore, they squished up a good design.

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