Illegal park

scott_03 21:38 19/Aug/05

rad solution to a gnarly problem (sorry if t has been done before)

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 23:08 19/Aug/05

Geez.. I hope those guys get to keep their park. I lived in Hayward (near Oakland) for a short time and the only park at the time was in San Jose.

Fetus 23:11 19/Aug/05

Man, our council wont fix anything at our park, so we bolted our own rail in over the funbox at fairy meadow, and what happens? The council comes along and rips it out. They have no good reason, it was fully dyna bolted in so it was strong and safe. Cunts.

Hopefuly common sense prevails in these guys case.

hotdogs 16:51 20/Aug/05

there was 1 just like that in thraher only in l.a

PaT ! 16:51 20/Aug/05

that happened to the skaters at maroubra to

FZ 23:02 20/Aug/05

HAHAH "and that could just be a RAD solution to a gnarly problem"

yeah 17:03 21/Aug/05

haha gotta love that reporter's final line

DANGER MOUSE. 22:51 21/Aug/05

yeah fetus its fun how the rip out the perfectly strong safe reail but they dont rip up the melted plastic, clean up the smashes glass, paint all the trannys with sum slippery bullshit and on the small block didnt replace the coping for about 2 years so it was jagged concrtete wif bolts sticking out, so we had 2 do it.... FUKN KUNTS

floggo 15:21 25/Aug/05

council parks suck balls anyways...
big cement turds...
good on them for making that thing...looks epic...
tranny heaven...
wish there were more bridges like that around here so we could build sheltered parks...

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