Nimbin Ramp Update

cheese-wagon 09:43 10/Aug/05

hey just wonderin if anyone knows when and if the new Ramp will be skateable again. Some bones got broke and neigbours kicking up a stink caused them to pin pipes across the trannies and now the beast is unskateable. i'm living in lismore and that was my new favorite place to skate untill closure.... bummin.

anyone here got to skate it yet?

(ricky) 10:08 10/Aug/05

why would u go to nimbin to skate you only go there to smoke pot and eat cheese

Judda 10:09 10/Aug/05

nobody ever complained about a pipe in nimbin til now

cheese-wagon 10:50 10/Aug/05

haha true judda. but seriously anyone know when it'll be skateable??

if u never seen the new ramp its worthy, it has a mini with 4, 6, 8 and 9 foot sections they all transfer or spine over to another section with 11-12 sections and a 6 or 7ft section with a channel and rail of death. also a little pyramid type funbox. all on one big steel set up

Wild-9 15:33 10/Aug/05

it better be done by the next martigrass or i'll be pissed off

cheese-wagon 17:08 10/Aug/05

yeh that'd be rad

DUBS 10:09 15/Aug/05

go skate the street's rad

RE: Nimbin Ramp Update

Pig. 22:54 16/Aug/05

kinda looks like shellharbour.......only better construction and the ground looks smoother

DUBS 16:23 17/Aug/05

the workers keep getting there, sit down, bong on, "nah mate let's go get some turkish delight",come back have a sleep,ah will do it tommorow.

Pig. 16:45 17/Aug/05


cheese-wagon 09:48 18/Aug/05

oi that pic is way old niggas. the whole b ball court is now the ramp

Pig. 12:21 18/Aug/05

take some photos then!

Wild-9 12:35 18/Aug/05

indeed....Im heading that way soon...I want to see what i can ride??

Lazlo_Panaflex 13:05 18/Aug/05

The new ramp looks absolutely awesome...except for the steel bars across the flat making it impossible to skate.

I tried asking a local what was going on when I last went down there but all I got in reply was "Hey magic unicorn, purple monkey dishwasher..." or words to that effect.

F L A S H 16:03 18/Aug/05

Im headin that way for schoolies and a skate is in order if its skate-able...bastards

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