St Kilda Skate Park Consultation

Potty 20:27 08/Aug/05

Seminar 1:August 13, 9:30 - 11:30 at Luna Park
Seminar 2: August 20 9:30 - 11:30 at Albert Park Reserve
Skaters: Phone 9209 6777 for August 24 and September 12 sessions
Presentation to reference group on September 13
Plans displayed September 27 to 30

CoPP 16:23 16/Aug/05

I've just heard that the long battle for a skate park in the heart of St Kilda is again under threat.
The council had a public meeting at Luna Park last Saturday and apparently virtually noone turned up who was for a skatepark and loads turned up who were against. Naturally, the council has been asked the question whether there is truly any demand for a skatepark to be built in St Kilda at all.

If you are passionate about a skatepark for St Kilda then it really is time to shout out your support and ensure that the council knows there is still demand. Post your support on this forum, shoot them an email:
or get down to Albert Park (Fitzroy St side - next to St Kilda Bowls club) this Saturday morning 20 Aug between 9:30 - 11:30 in a show of support and tell the council yes we want it because at the moment it's just a vocal bunch of objectors.

If you're for a skatepark in St Kilda - get on down on Saturday, email or post your comment now!

RE: St Kilda Skate Park Consultation

GurooLotag 11:42 20/Aug/05

This is sadly the case at almost every council meeting I have been to. No-one assists in planning but then bitch when they dont like it and they all think they are too tuff, or underground or some crap to show up...

Hampton park has also now been cancelled due to lack of support from local skaters.. they had even approved plans allocated land and cash for it... if you want these parks people you have got to speak up.

dskize 18:03 20/Aug/05

After a week of work/school how many people want to give up half of their saturdays skate to go to some council meeting ? Better way to get park is to go down there and skate on busy sidewalks all the time ,then they will build park fast enough

GurooLotag 09:32 21/Aug/05

hmmmm and you wonder why parks dont get built and the locals residents lodge objections. Do you realise that just 1 objection form nearby locals can put the whole park back at least a year and they usually get canned after that...

BTW... the meetings are almost always during the week and the coucilers dotn do weekends..

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 12:50 21/Aug/05

To quote John Fox from another thread, "You can please some of the skaters some of the time. You can't please all of the skaters all of the time".

The last two meetings for Five Dock suffered the same ordeal of not enough skaters turning up. One meeting had the original site vetoed by residents, and the other had twice as many bikers as skaters.

I can't beleive your comment dskize. You would rather waste your time rolling around the carpark of St Kilda McDonalds than actually spend an hour or two to ensure a skatepark in the area. That's just plain stupid.

And if these forums don't get the message out, why not just shout it out or put up notes at your local parks.

You know council always likes to hear that a new park could be used for contests, demos, school skateboarding and coaching programs. Don't just turn up to a meeting and say "I want a park because I do". You have to convince council and residents that a skatepark will improve the lifestyle of their children.

dskize 13:57 21/Aug/05

MM your comment about me might be valid if i lived in st kilda , its the responsibility of the skaters that live there to show up to that meeting .I would go to a meeting if a park was being built near my house for sure

Frank.C 16:39 21/Aug/05

I would love to go to the mettings and to have a park down the road from me but unfortunatly due to work I havn't been able to attend either meeting.

Did anyone on here go?

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