Eltham park finnished

ChiefBEN 17:01 05/Aug/05

word is that it was finnished a couple of days ago. anyone been there yet?? worth going to?? pics?? i cant even remember what the plans looked like

Luke G
Luke G 17:53 05/Aug/05

about fucken time, is it still at the proposed location or have they moved it?

..Laz.. 19:15 05/Aug/05

yer its not a bad skatepark, i dont think they have put in the ledges or rails though, but all the concretes layed and people are skating it, lots of fucking people there though

Todd 20:30 05/Aug/05

yer plans looked out from what i remember, laz please dont go there and fuck the ledges up with you medal rods coming out of your bike ok (K) mwa

..Laz.. 21:12 05/Aug/05

just because you asked me so politely i......will.
I havnt fucked up wozza, and ive been riding there for years, so i don't plan on fucking up the ledges at eltham or anywhere esle for that matter.
And if you have been to eltham yet, you will notice that bmxers practically run the place.

ChiefBEN 21:23 05/Aug/05

yeah there will be a fuckload of bmx's there im sure, might go there tomorrow

Todd 22:10 05/Aug/05

chiefben will take them all down

i am THE REAL sam 15:12 10/Aug/05

skatepark in eltham?

Wild-9 15:32 10/Aug/05


Brynn 14:26 11/Aug/05

this guy started talking to me about it in the supermarket the other night and im thinking "fuck off wanker, theres no park in eltham, i would have know from sk8parx", obviously not. anyone got pics of the plans?

lowlux 14:31 21/Aug/05

where abouts is the park???
any pics?

Luke G
Luke G 15:54 21/Aug/05

if you know the McDonalds just after the roundabout it's about a minute so after the maccas.

ChiefBEN 19:07 21/Aug/05

u go there luke?

Luke G
Luke G 14:37 23/Aug/05

i drove past it to check it out, not finished but it looks good enough.

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