mordialloc skatepark?

{Ryan R}
{Ryan R} 19:48 04/Aug/05

hey has anyone from melbourne heard / been to mordialloc skatepark?

supposed to be right near the station.

||BLANK|| 19:55 04/Aug/05

DONT GO THERE!i warn you.its shit.

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 20:02 04/Aug/05

just keep heading south to Rye!

{Ryan R}
{Ryan R} 20:09 04/Aug/05

really sum friends of mine say it got really good ledges and a mad gap

||BLANK|| 20:15 04/Aug/05

ok, whatever you say..go for it, skate it.enjoy yourself.

{Ryan R}
{Ryan R} 20:20 04/Aug/05

nah if you say it crap ill take your word being the wise man i am!

mulletfucker 20:38 04/Aug/05

i heard its nothing special, but ive never been there

||BLANK|| 19:28 05/Aug/05

i havent actually skated it but from what i have heared it is 1 peice of concrete as wide as 2 footpaths and has like 3 boxes and thats it..

||biRDMan|| 21:09 06/Aug/05

its a pice of shit dont waste ur time it fuckin crap

mulletfucker 21:55 07/Aug/05

that sounds abit like dingley(blank)

LiTtLe LiNdSeY 18:47 12/Aug/05

yeah the gap is fun but dont go there the box's a fuckin huge bar 1 witch goes on to dirt

.krewsin. 11:30 14/Aug/05

i wouldnt call it mordialloc skatepark. mordialloc footpath would be more suitable. even though a footpath probably has more and is funner to skate. i wasted my time taking my board to school so i could skate it after school. if the teachers let us i wouldnt even skate it at lunchtime. its sooo shit.

{Ryan R}
{Ryan R} 20:45 14/Aug/05

ok thanks i wont bother going then

.krewsin. 19:40 14/Sep/05

more has ben added to the skatepark because the council received alot of emails/letters. there is a new flat bar, bank(wallride) and a quaterpipe and extra concrete.. once again they have fucked EVERYTHING up. the quaterpipe has no coping. the bank? is as steep as st vincents banks. the slanted flat bar is right on the edge of the park... when i was there on sunday there were 2 oldies asking for suggestions what more could be done. we basically mentioned the whole park.

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