Manly Vale Bowl

steve t 11:13 01/Aug/05

Anyone have any info on this?

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 14:45 01/Aug/05

Geez.. how many parks can Chad work on at once. Manly Vale, Five Dock and Waterloo. Any others?

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 14:50 01/Aug/05

how many napkins did it take?

mr 16:26 01/Aug/05

How many times did he beat off at the end?

oopspoops 17:53 01/Aug/05

how many roads must a man walk down

steve t 12:42 02/Aug/05

Dunno MM. Let's hope he takes critisism constructively and we don't get a repeat of Bondi (street) at any of these places.

Jonnie 12:53 02/Aug/05

How funy is the rails at bondi... the only decent one has about 1 meter landing before slamming into a pole..

brown1e 17:05 09/Aug/05

yes and how many seas must the white dove sail.

Shep 17:12 09/Aug/05

How many blondes does it take to make choc chip cookies?

mosu101 18:44 09/Aug/05

zero, they buy a pack at the shops

Pig. 22:30 09/Aug/05

one to make the cookie dough and 5 to peel the M & M's!

JOHN FOX 08:59 10/Aug/05

when I spoke to Chad about manly vale he mentioned the bowl would have a filter box and shallow end steps as I am going to have to buy a car so I can drive over there all the time!
Dale Halpin is the local I think..come in Dale

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 09:14 10/Aug/05

steps cool, filter box bad waste of time. just paint one on and use the money for something else.

JOHN FOX 17:12 14/Aug/05

found this shot of some shallow end steps in the states...

RE: Manly Vale Bowl

mosu101 18:15 14/Aug/05

piss the steps off, draw a picture of them as well!

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