kids at skateparks

dubs 21:45 23/Jul/05

what do you do?
I was at maroubra today and there were six kids,3 scooters 3 boards,none had a clue they were getting in peoples way.
what do you do?tell them to get out the way,swear at them and risk getting a beat down from a dad whos watching nearby?
share your experiences,I allmost got dropped by some dad cause i told his kid "get out of the way you little shit."

heshteck 21:55 23/Jul/05

ahaah so many memories of the bra....some sketchy ****s were watching me with my camera and one of em approached me and goes "oi bra fuckn let me see that videofilmer" i had to hide behind my bigger sketchy

scott_03 22:02 23/Jul/05

last time i went to the bra, there was this little kid riding around the funbox purposly snaking 127, it was pretty funny until he started snaking everyone and eventually 127 went completly balistic and kept on yelling at the kid, him being shit scared, in about 5 miutes or so the kid was gone.

Fetus 22:30 23/Jul/05

At maroubra last week there was this little kid skating around in everyones way, so my mate starts puttin the moves on his mum. Anyway her hubby comes over all unimpressed in his suit an shit, then they left.


*frenzal* 22:40 23/Jul/05


sit on them

JV Spike
JV Spike 22:47 23/Jul/05

it's ok, there just kids arn't they........


some 6 year old on a 16inch bmx bike was getting in everones way. he got in mine a few time and then once, he t-boned me, snappng off hlaf the nose on my deck and totaling my wrist. after that he still didn't fuck off so we chased him away.

JV Spike
JV Spike 23:13 23/Jul/05

i have calmed down now.....

Social Phobia
Social Phobia 23:47 23/Jul/05

They sit on ledges they slide down ramps, they run in circles, and pee their pants!
Their parents are deadpbeats while the kids should be put to sleep!

can I kick it?

dubs 10:38 24/Jul/05

I will be a father in december,there's no way I'm let'em run all over the park.They'll skate vert,that way they'll have all to themselves.

MR T 11:10 24/Jul/05

theres was this little kid at raymond trc skate park he read what it sed on my boar(simple plan is gay) n then he started saying how good they are n i was like ok what ever i reckon they suck but i don't want to argue so go away.Then he goes"what do you listen to".i replied AcDc guns 'n' roses he goes there shit have you heard of akon he rules n out of about 10 ppl at the park 9 of them said acdc was way better so then he nearly starts crying .then he goes im gonna get my brother he is 18 he will bash you i was shittin me self but then when he came down it was this guy (i dont know his name) i had skated with him heaps so we ended up just skating together and the little kid walked home by himself..aaahhh good memories.p.s. i h8 simple plan.

GurooLotag 11:24 24/Jul/05

Mr T, shut up ad go away, nobody cares.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 11:51 24/Jul/05

"They sit on ledges they slide down ramps, they run in circles, and pee their pants!
Their parents are deadpbeats while the kids should be put to sleep!

can I kick it?"

Yes you can!

dubs 13:04 24/Jul/05

Guroolotag , hows ya handplant at elanora on ya ray underhill.sick
I had that board and skated that half pipe once.

GurooLotag 13:29 24/Jul/05

haha cheers dubs, that used to be my local for many years. That and a backyard 7 foot half pipe we had in sixth ave Palm Beach. You ever skate that ?

Social Phobia
Social Phobia 14:57 24/Jul/05

well I gone.....

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