Pacific Pines Park

PACPINE 18:41 07/Jul/05

Does anybody know if this new park is finished yet? I have seen them working down there for a while but I am not in a position to go and check every day. If anybody knows it's not done, do they know when? Its looking good!

DANGER MOUSE. 21:48 08/Jul/05

yeah its done......

goldie_skater 22:04 11/Jul/05

hey pacpine, ws there yesterday, its like halfway complete.Might post a pic later on. It looks rad, sorta skate plaza/mini trany lol

McFly 09:18 12/Jul/05

from what i had seen, 2 weeks ago, they had most of the platforms and ledges (heaps) done. all the coping had been set.
just the banks tranny and flat to go.

the park looks good, mainly street style obstacles with a mini in the corner.

LIKEALION 20:21 14/Jul/05

Went there today over half finished, good I surpose, but a little more thought could have saved a lot of shit!
Stairs at a skate park = waste of time & concrete!
I think even the street dogs will rate high on the whinge scale on this one, and not due to the way that it is built just for the simple fact of too much in a little space with no flow!
But hey, who knows it could be finished and it could be sick, we will see in a couple of weeks.

A1bert 20:25 14/Jul/05

so handy too, just down the road ...

LIKEALION 21:05 14/Jul/05

Just down the road from who????

hate me love me who 01:02 16/Jul/05

the og design was wack but noah & tha boy's changed it a bit looks like so much fun now........

Mark Brimson 07:32 18/Aug/05

I had a call from the local Gold Coast person organising the opening of this park, set for Sat 27th August 10am start.

As usual, I offered the services of QSA for running the day, giveaways, jam comp, etc to fit in with whatever they had planned but they said no.

It seems they are asking for demo skaters for the day but didn't want anyone from outside their local area, or greater Gold Coast region at the very most... keep it in the family?

Anyway, I said to contact the local skate shops which they have been doing, and only come up with one skater so far. Their budget is NIL, so most likely you will only get a pat on the back for showing your skills for the day.

Anyone else get any info, news or other goings on with this place, please post details here. Pics would be really good to see too.

From the Darkside crew, Mark, Trent, etc, this place should be really fun!

Justin Uffweed 08:59 18/Aug/05

last time you saw mark skate was ....?

Shep 09:17 18/Aug/05

Get that "Saul" dude to do the demo.... He's tech as.....

McFly 16:08 18/Aug/05

it's done, but security have it on lockdown. what's up with all the bank to ledges? they're all the same height.
that box gap thing should hopefully claim a few bmxicans.

LIKEALION 09:43 19/Aug/05

Does "tech" mean mentally challenged? if so... I'm your man. It's about time that the Goldy got a decent sized mini ramp all those years of waiting have finally paid off.

Shep 09:45 19/Aug/05

Heard you've been skating the Globe mini mate. Didn't think it would be wide enough for you....

Justin Uffweed 09:55 19/Aug/05

next time if you could just tell the Hills' butler know that the aluminium coping DOESN'T need buffing.

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