loon 19:15 30/Jun/05

two questions, how do you get there from public transport?
Is the street course open and finished?

F.U.S.D 19:42 30/Jun/05

buy a car

JV Spike
JV Spike 21:27 30/Jun/05

i have never been there, but to get to FUN CITy (which is apparently next doot to it) you would wanna try and get a train on the Sydenham line and get off at Ardeer station and then catch a bus (i don't know what route number it is), as you woud not want to skate from the station because it is about 4 or 5 km/s away...

NoFatChicks 22:36 30/Jun/05

catch a train to footscray station (weribee, sydenham) then cross the road from the station and catch the 410 bus till u see a big skatepark now open sign on ur right....

..Laz.. 22:47 30/Jun/05

so its a privately owned skatepark or what?

NoFatChicks 22:48 30/Jun/05

yeah im fairly sure ...

GurooLotag 12:08 01/Jul/05

I belive there will be a LOT of work done over this weekend so the street course will be done soon. It is lookign damn fine so far.

Fletch 12:30 01/Jul/05

is $20 membership and $5 per session the bowl is awesome

dskize 14:20 01/Jul/05

the tiles sound the best

NoFatChicks 22:11 01/Jul/05

yeah the bowl is hella bitchin.. im no bowl dog but i can just tell and its about time they get that street course finished

Rise with the Fallen 16:11 04/Jul/05

hey george ask cristian how to get there, we found it by accident but we did find it

singha_is 22:20 07/Jul/05

get a cabflip a coin to see who pays for the fair
(ahaha im funny, i added cab with flip into a sentence)

justy 23:12 07/Jul/05

and not only that you put them one after each other

clap clap

Judda 14:48 11/Jul/05

Word is, they are looking at getting some sponsors (bunnings, mitre 10 etc) to donate some materials before the street course will be finished. Its a costly exercise.

Cant wait for it too be finished though, no doubt there will be some (more) rad parties at that place in the future.

GurooLotag 19:04 11/Jul/05

You come to the last party there Judda ? Killer time !

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