Pearcedale Park

GurooLotag 19:27 09/Jun/05

A new park began construction in Pearcedale (VIC) on Friday the 3rd June... It is located at 710 Baxter-Tooradin Rd Pearcedale. Deep Bowl 2.4 mtr deep (about 8 foot) Shallow bowl 1.5 mtr (5 foot) deep. These will be joined by a larger 'bowl' type section.

GurooLotag 19:29 09/Jun/05

the original plans...

Pearcedale Park

SORG 20:21 09/Jun/05

looks fun

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 20:29 09/Jun/05

Geez.. I'm gonna hafta move to Melbz for a few months of park touring some time soon.

hes so hot right now 19:04 10/Jun/05

were abouts is pearcedale gurolotag??

GurooLotag 20:10 10/Jun/05

Near Langwarrin, Cranbourne south. Melways map 140

LIKEALION 21:22 11/Jun/05

Love the rails and steps.MOOOHAHAHAHAHAHJAH

GurooLotag 09:16 19/Jun/05

Here is a progres pic thanx to Wedge...

Pearcedale Park

Fletch 11:35 20/Jun/05

I used to peirce a girl called dale looks like a cool pk

GurooLotag 12:06 01/Jul/05

Pearcedale bowl is completed and has been skated on wednesday night by the construction crew....Will get some pics ASAP, Wedge may also have some ready to go.

Lucky Phil 15:19 01/Jul/05

looking good, thanks for the pics guroo

Cam Ward
Cam Ward 16:12 01/Jul/05

Damn, u lucky thangs ya'll !

Some killa lines on that drawin'

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 16:31 03/Sep/05

Ripped these photos off the convic site...
Anyone got photos of completed park??

RE: Pearcedale Park

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 16:49 03/Sep/05


RE: Pearcedale Park

The Willow
The Willow 08:30 04/Sep/05


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