Sydney Olympic Park.

S.Wadey 09:34 08/Jun/05

Fuck yes im so glad something like this is finally happening, any one have details on the street course apart from the fack that its 1000sqm wide!

FOXA 09:48 08/Jun/05

1000sqm wide!! How many sqm long is it?

Jonnie 10:19 08/Jun/05

Lol... nice joke wadey....

S.Wadey 10:57 08/Jun/05

no shit! and FOXA Square meteres are exactly that meters squared which means that if its 1000m wide its 1000 meters long.
anyways suss it yourselvs.

FOXA 11:07 08/Jun/05

BZZZZZZT!!! Wrong. 1000 metres long by 1000 metres wide = 1000000sqm. You can't have sqm long. You may as well say that it's 15 litres long.

S.Wadey 11:32 08/Jun/05

a square meter is 1 meter x 1 meter times that by one thousand equals how many? its not 1000 times 1000 idiot.

FOXA 11:37 08/Jun/05

Okey dokey. You're right. The street section will be 1 kilometre (that's 1000 metres) long, and 1 kilometre wide, thus giving 1000sqm. I'm such a damn fool. Sorry S.Wadey.

S.Wadey 11:40 08/Jun/05

hahaha its what it says. a square meter is one meter by one meter right? so if its 1000 of them, what does that equal? 1000 meters long and 1000 meters wide? if its not, explain what it means when they say the street park will be 1000 square meters?

S.Wadey 11:51 08/Jun/05


FOXA 11:52 08/Jun/05

Yeah it's like 10m x 100m = 1000sqm.
Or 50m x 20m = 1000sqm
Metres squared and square metres are different things - it's all in the syntax.

S.Wadey 12:01 08/Jun/05

ok, i stand corrected but its deciveing.

FOXA 12:19 08/Jun/05

No worries. And to answer your question - no I don't know anything about the park except that it nearly had a really gay name.

steve t 13:43 08/Jun/05

yeh they went quiet on the name after asking for suggestions... dun matta what it's called - just hurry the f*** up and open it!!!! 16:08 09/Jun/05

they should have a name-the-park competition, and they could erect a blank sign, and the first scummy **** to write something on it will have it as the official name, regardless of what it is. and the sign will be set up with no notice, so its more random.

PIG. 01:40 10/Jun/05

they did have a competition to name the park
Well...not a competition, but one of the people involved made a thread inquiring about interest in a few names
they were all flamingly homosexual of course, but themz the breaks
The vert ramp will be amazing (for those that way inclined, im far too mcuh of a pussy tot be seen anywhere NEAR it)
I however don't hold much hope for the street course
However my fingers are still crossed
you have to wear helmets
but i dont see what the big deal is with having t wear helmets
buy a quality one and they dont bother you at all

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