will review parks for shoes

drew 17:19 11/May/05

We added a new feature where you fellas could put your comments against all the parks we have listed here. Thanks to those that have already gone to the trouble and told us what park had a good vert wall or which park's coping suck arse. We really want to get this thing going so in our supreme wisdom we have decided to do the usual "bribe you with proddy" in return for your efforts.
What we want you to do is to write some good constructive reviews about some of the parks you have skated. Tell us whats good, whats not, good places to stay/eat if your travelling etc etc. In a couple of months we will pick out 5 of you who have put in some really good reviews. Thanks to Scotty we will reward you with a pair of whatever vans you want in your size. So go do it, you may get some nice new shoes, at the very least you will help your fellow skater work out what parks are worth a mission to and what ones can be missed.

Lazarus219 17:32 11/May/05

ive already posted a few, good feature though drew- its funny reading what other people think of some of the parks as well

mugger 20:51 12/May/05


F.R.C. 12:43 13/May/05

fukin rad!

F.R.C. 12:43 13/May/05

fukin rad!

seven 13:23 13/May/05

yeah, i posted a couple last week, good new addition to the park section drew, cheers

cardies 23:52 13/May/05

good to see other peoples thoughts.........i did 1 on bunbury wa

Tough Stough N$ REP
Tough Stough N$ REP 20:46 14/May/05

I think I have the record for the longest one. New Lane Cove park. I want to win something so bad, I'm keen as.

singha_is 09:27 15/May/05

what if we just want chocolate and a backrub and a sketchy van with a man offering the above... ?

effinREN 07:42 16/May/05

yeah the feature is the bee knees cause you can see if theres an under-dogs in your area you havent seen before...

brown1e 22:37 17/May/05

im a "shoe in" for this one.

fuck me, i should win just for how clever that was.

Tough Stough N$ REP
Tough Stough N$ REP 16:55 18/May/05

There should be a feature that doesn't let BROWN1E COPY ALL MY REVIEWS!

quinny 18:46 18/May/05

i am talking about all the southern qld parks , i deserve this shit

brown1e 00:55 19/May/05

tough stuff you bastard. dont accuse me of plaigerism you bastard. i dont copy your reviews, i destroy them by replacing your rubbish with my genius!

i swear to god, your insane. if i ever meet you at lane cove park, ill cut you up so good youll wish i didnt cut you up so good.

****!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!11!1!!11!1ban him drew!!!!11!1!1

TuN$tall 10:57 19/May/05

dont cut up tough....please?

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