Countdown to Civic

Lucky Phil 14:50 10/May/05

So after more than a year with a "temporary" skatepark that was only supposed to last sixth months, the first crete is being poured at the new Civic skatepark in the CBR. Updates will follow. Lets hope the debacle goes smoothly this time.

yeah right...

krim 15:10 10/May/05

bout time. cant wait. i hope there is a corner for junkies to hit up again.

Tyrone Biggums 16:50 10/May/05

fuck yeah, bout time ****s
any idea of the design?

Tyrone Biggums 16:54 10/May/05

this language **** **** 'n **** is a load of **** , screening **** and fucken **** out for **** **** **** shits. why the ****?

mutley 15:45 11/May/05

finally, id die if i had to skate the temp again. its like a park for midgets

PIG. 16:01 11/May/05

fortunate phil. post up some plans for this park
i remember gettin a quick glance
it looked sweet

Lucky Phil 12:11 12/May/05

We are still trying to get the final plan confirmed. in that I mean we are trying to make sure they have the same plans we were given. As soon as it's confirmed I'll post it and some pics of the site pig.

Looks like it's gonna be a tight little bitch, just like her mother.....sweet

Tyrone Biggums 16:24 25/May/05

Hey Phil, can you post the plans

conrad_conrad 10:46 29/May/05


cash,money,vagrant 09:15 30/May/05

i don't know if he has a copy of the plans!!

singha_is 15:04 30/May/05

let me get the ball rolling


adzo..$$ 15:23 30/May/05

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that temperary park was slippery

CBRBMX 19:54 30/May/05


Countdown to Civic

matt.y 20:05 30/May/05

thats sick,cant wait to skate it

Fetus 09:49 31/May/05

Hmmm, smaller than I hoped it would be, but still rad. Drove past the construction site on Sunday. It would prob be better if quarterpipe N didnt stick out, cuz you couldnt roll across the whole width. Will make for a rad channel though.

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