Bondi Bowl

i luv chippy 18:34 30/Mar/05

oh my god!!! is all i have to say...

i made my first trip to the notorious bondi park tonight and i felt so vulnerable standing at the top of the bowl.....i give props to anyone who steps up to that shit...

pity about the rest of the park

brown1e 18:53 30/Mar/05

nah chippy, for real, just step up drop in and charge the big bit, its the best fun youll ever have.

i luv chippy 20:12 30/Mar/05

i was wearing thongs...tiptoeing my way around.....when i go there with shoes on it should be sweet hahaha

dazzle1 20:37 30/Mar/05

my board slipped into it and i never saw it again, im serious too.

CHELL 20:41 30/Mar/05

oy brownie . you a bowl dogg . if so . fuck . im sk8in with you at bondi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. and dazz of coarse . hahah . but do you actually carve it brownie . or are you just sayin drop ins

brown1e 12:25 31/Mar/05

nah, i dont carve that well coz i cant carve frontside, but i you want, download the "city bondi" clip that skram posted a while back, it has my bowl steeze in it breifly... yeh, we skate bondi heaps at night, coz its lit up, and its not crowded after about 10pm. next time we go ill tell you. do you have msn? add me

singha_is 14:29 31/Mar/05

brownie was a junior champ slalom skier in switzerland. this was about 1997. his used to these shit!

UPDATED 18:37 03/Apr/05

im retarded, i carve frontside not backside,
i can hit tiles in the deep, self props so happy with myself right now

french1 09:41 04/Apr/05

Save your pity for the running kind chippy.

Pity you don't have the skills more like it

re: Bondi Bowl

..Aimee.. 17:46 21/Sep/05

Bondi bowl is awsome!!! trust me big end is twice as easy as the small end, just need to pad up, shame for the park tho

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 18:37 21/Sep/05

yeah, and it's deep too

CG 12:08 22/Sep/05

..Aimee.. - I have never witnessed you in pads, you liar !

rizzler 2.OG 14:48 22/Sep/05

I like to get tiled, feels like im in a wave

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 15:33 22/Sep/05

I like biting other peoples lines and barking orders at kids.

brown1e 22:48 22/Sep/05

i like biting mulhall while he barks.

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