New Bathurst park

*rhys* 11:37 27/Mar/05

I just seen the new plans for the bathurst park and all i can say is that it is a huge let down.All it has is a stupidly big bowl,a couple of quarters and banks and shit.And a few months ago they said it would be built by youth week but i really dont see that happening cause they havent even started preparing the land.So i just thought i would fill you guys who are interested in.

skatexec 15:58 30/Mar/05

Got a plan pic rhys? Might like to ride the stupidly big bowl.....

*rhys* 21:00 30/Mar/05

I dont have any pics myself but ill talk to my mates and see if they have any.I only said stupidly big bowl cause im not a bowl skater,sorry if i offended anyone.

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 08:41 31/Mar/05

Stupidly big bowl sounds awesome to me...

singha_is 09:05 31/Mar/05

Bathurst (no offence) is reallly boganny...

Went there for soccer, there's like really nothin there besides the car museum?

Tristan' 16:45 31/Mar/05

Just drive to orange skatepark

*rhys* 17:21 31/Mar/05

I agree Bathurst is a shit hole the towns full of scum bags and there is nothing here.Im going to orange in the holidays the park there is pretty mad.

Dave. C 19:45 01/Apr/05

All my cousins live there, smell like cabbage and horse.

*rhys* 20:21 01/Apr/05

Yeah and we marry our cousins,cause there so good looking.Simpsons.

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 16:24 03/Sep/05

Just spoke to a Bathurst local and he informed me construction starts in 2 weeks... (by Concrete Skateparks)

From the sketchy discription given it sounds like it will be rad with a bowl 5, 6 & 7 ft deep with a 45 & a 90 degree hip, spine section etc...!

Anyone have plans to post if not I'll try and see if I can get some plans on Monday to post...

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 16:26 03/Sep/05

Oh and it's got some gay street section too!!! ha ha

dubs 19:09 03/Sep/05

maybe those dumb f#$cks at the local skate shop designed it....

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 18:39 05/Sep/05

Spoke to Simon at Council - he confirmed construction due to commence in 2 weeks to be finished around Christmas...

Told me Council has 3d plans but I had to go into Council to get them - modern technology seemed a bit too much for him...

Any Bathurst forum heads want to pop in and grab a copy to scan and post.... pls!!

dubs 07:58 06/Sep/05

if robs building it ,it's gonna rule

Lazlo_Panaflex 10:20 06/Sep/05

That bowl doesn't sound stupidly big? Its sounds stupidly fun.

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