Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

SeanO 18:44 23/Mar/05

Elderslie is Finally getting a skatepark!, the only thing close to a park we got is camden ramp which has bred some great locals... it was supposed to start construction this month but i there doing some changes, dunno whos building it but it was origianly meant to be built 2 years ago so i guess it'll be council workers...

Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

SeanO 19:47 23/Mar/05

there was a rumour saying that they were removing the rail, if its true... whole park ruined

dazzle1 20:53 23/Mar/05

the single down ledge on the left should be a rail

Surfer Sam 08:14 24/Mar/05

consider revising the position of the funbox... the run-out from the pyramid is straight into the block or off the edge of the park. There is no real good line into the funbox either.
It's not a bad idea, but could do with some tweaking to get it working better.

SeanO 21:42 24/Mar/05

yeah i know thats the only thing that was annoying me, ill try n geta update on whats happening

SeanO 10:33 26/Apr/05

its finally going to be built... by Convic! its going to start soon but nothing has changed

RE: Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

The Flash_IS TUFF
The Flash_IS TUFF 15:28 26/Apr/05

Convict ey...

wheres the 16 foot over vert half capsule bowl leading into full pipe?

fuck flash loves them guys

The Willow
The Willow 18:33 26/Apr/05

as the Japanese would say...

.....prease consider.

re: Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

Surfer Sam 14:41 27/Apr/05


SeanO 15:00 27/Apr/05

that would be so much better, but theve already confirmed it, ill email it to em anyway.

SeanO 15:04 27/Apr/05

lol i missread the email i got from council, and the park was DESIGNED by Convic, and they are still looking for someone to build it, they got an ad in the local paper

The Willow
The Willow 17:54 06/May/05

...the work experience boy?

SeanO B.K.P 16:04 26/Jul/05

just some pics of the park getting built, the council sends me updates every week, also the park has changed ans suposed to be bigger so ill try and get some seedy info on that

RE: Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

SeanO B.K.P 16:09 26/Jul/05

robbin banks'

RE: Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

JOHN FOX 21:24 26/Jul/05

O.k. , let's get the facts straight...
Skatepark is a CONVIC 'design' that's being built by a sydney co. called ZALEM.
The best thing about getting ZALEM doing the construction is they are one of the world's best concrete skatepark builders. They recently received high praisse in a BMX mag from a top U.S. pro rider who said that the park he rode is one of the best finishes and workmanship he'd ever ridden.
Last skatepark ZALEM did in Sydney was BONDI Beach and that is 5 star plus construction.There has never been a park built in Australia with finer construction and finish than this park to date !
You guys are going to be stoked.. you have the 'animal chin' of skatepark concrete : ' BONES ' on the job and you can't go any higher than that

RE: Proposed park at Elderslie / Camden area

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