Big Ben 22:31 04/Oct/03

Hey guys!! Just wondering if ne1 knows or has had heard nething about a new skatepark in homebush bay. i heard its going to be the biggest in the southern hemisphere

Frank S.
Frank S. 16:41 05/Oct/03

I heard the same but I didnt believe it.

SKATER_03 19:11 05/Oct/03


grug 19:16 05/Oct/03

i hear but dunno if its real!

owen. 19:48 06/Oct/03

this is atleast the 5th post on this topic. no1 nos anything yet.

never.sober. 12:39 09/Oct/03

theres a lot of talk about this were dreaming i think if its gonna happen, u know sydney hard to get a skate park anywhere

~supafli~ 21:34 12/Oct/03

its biggest in suven hemi

BERT. 23:36 20/Oct/03

homebush? as in sydney? as in olympic park?

(nice dream)

Dave. C 13:19 24/Oct/03

I rang up council, they said there is no skateparking built, for now...............

theoriginalskaterchi 21:45 16/Aug/04

there is something planned, that ti coeling is involved with. ive only heard rumours, but it sounds good....

Cam Ward
Cam Ward 12:39 19/Aug/04

Yeah, ti is supplying a little jump ramp,

his had it sitting in his yard for a while & does not know what to do with it....


rollerball 16:46 20/Aug/04

What was the name of that jump ramp that Ti had...want the Bonzer ramp was it?? Cam when are you going to have a roll at Mona again??

re: Homebush

camsbw 19:28 22/Aug/04

From what I know its gonna happen but hey, these things take time, especially when there planning on spending over $2Mil. But now the new Five Dock park is on the cards they might wait and see how that gos. A company who will be putting in a tender to build it told me all about it and well , they have no reason to bullshit to me. But that was a couple of months ago so who knows.

Im not sure if the council will have any knowledge on it or not, I think its going through some other government body like the Olympic Park Authority, not sure on this one.

From what I know the plans consisted of a big half pipe(biggest one in the southern hemi) six interlinked miniramps, a large street plaza area (which they were looking at the dyrdek dc plaza design for ideas) and all the usual stuff. The idea was to make the park the biggest skatepark in the world.

Like I said this was a couple of months back so it could all be piss in the wind by now. I'll try and find out this week what the story is and post what I know in here.

[benny4ever] 23:35 26/Aug/04

would be so sick

halfcab333 20:02 28/Aug/04

yeah, would be crazy to have bggest in world, or south hemi. skate plaza would be so good. would be pretty crowded though

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