Close the forum?

Potty2617 11:03 18/Mar/20

As it seems I am the only one posting in the forums is it time to put the forum out of its misery?

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 13:27 19/Mar/20

Anti-social media has taken over!!!!

Seems if you are not following the right person or brand nowdays, you would never even know of something happening right outside your own front door.

Gone are the days when everyone could go to one or two places online and find out all the relevant or irrelevant information for whatever is of interest in the skateboard community.

Are Slap forums still busy, or have they dropped off too? I don't really lurk there at all.

Also why do images not load a lot of the time?

Fetus 23:12 23/Mar/20

If you do it will require a forum head meetup where we can have a ceremonial burning of some sort of effigy

snapper 02:22 26/Mar/20

i don't think you should close it.... I come back and relive my teenage years over and over

snapper 02:22 26/Mar/20

or you could let Jedi back in the forum?? he would be a big poster :)

dean123 23:05 03/Apr/20

just leave the homegirls thread

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