Riverslide and Kensington Redesign

Ryan H
Ryan H 03:40 16/Jan/20

The City of Melbourne has started the community consultation process for the redesign of the Riverslide and Kensington skate parks . This is an exciting opportunity for Melbourne skaters to have a real say in what they want. Consultation closes 14th of Feb, so dont sit on it too long.

The council have a website called "Participate Melbourne" which is the main platform for feedback and for people to submit ideas, find out more details about workshops and how to get more involved. You can upload, pictures and video to the site and like or comment on other peoples suggestions. It would be great if people can contribute to this to help make the parks the best they can be for the next 20 odd years.

If anyone wants to have a chat about it, feel free to pop in at Rivers or drop us an email at or share your ideas to the participate site. Thanks Ryan

Ryan H
Ryan H 23:14 27/Jan/20

Design workshops
Register to attend a design workshop session for the skate park redesign.

If you're interested in getting hands-on in designing the park or would like to have a chat, join us at one of these workshops.

The two sessions include:

Thursday 30 January 6pm to 7.30pm
Design Workshop at Signal
Northbank, Flinders Walk

Thursday 6 February 5.30pm to 7pm
Design workshop at The Venny
85 Kensington Road, Kensington

You can also post your ideas online, and tell us what you'd improve at Riverslide and JJ Holland Park.

Consultation closes 14 February.

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