Independent 215s for sale or any interest???

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 02:03 29/Nov/19

I didn't realise that there was a stop on production of the Independent 215 size trucks (fits 10 inch decks) so just curious if there is an interest from anyone out there for any?

I currently have a set and a half, as in three new unused Stage 11 Indy 215 sized trucks. As a lot of people wear out the back truck, I have spares of all sizes, or even have sold just the hanger if needed in the past.

From looking around they are going for up to $200 USD a set which is ridiculous, but I guess some people are that keen to get them. I know they just started production again, so the price should be normal once more, but if anyone is super keen to get a set, or even just one, let me know. Not looking to make Ebay sales or cash in, but seeing if there is any genuine interest out there?

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