Troutopia Needs You

Potty2617 10:40 11/Mar/18

Troutopia is in huge jeopardy on the brinks of repossession. If Trout doesn't come up with a minimum repayment of $11000 by Monday 12th of March, ANZ bank plan to take him for the entire $76000 debt or repossess his land.

For the last 10 years Trout has put in insane amounts of work and crafted this piece of land for sustainability, health, community & radness. One man trying to do a whole army's job, while also working every day as an environmental plumber all over northern NSW region trying to meet the repayments. It has finally proven too much and now Trout needs our help!

Troutopia is for everyone and has been home to many and inspired every person who ever stepped foot there, we need to help him keep this good thing going. Not just for Trout, but to inspire the next generation to live more sustainably and in sync with what nature is doing. In Trouts words "there's no such thing as rubbish, every bottle is a brick". A great man with an even better mission.

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