LSD Premieres

Potty2617 10:16 21/Nov/17

The new and out of the blue @Krooked video LSD coming!
Full length shredding from the whole team including @bradcromer @sebowalker @bworrest @ronniesandoval_nfc @dandrehobl @mikeanderson and of course #TheGonz.
The video is premiering this weekend at a few special skate shops in Oz!
Mermaid Beach, QLD
5pm Saturday 25th November

Brisbane and Melbourne City stores
7pm Saturday 25th November

Sydney, NSW
From 6pm Saturday 25th November

North Perth store
4pm Saturday 25th November

LSD Premieres

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 03:58 27/Nov/17

...and when might the dvd be available????

Yes I missed the prems once again.

Potty2617 07:41 27/Nov/17

DVD hahahhha good one Mark.....

Potty2617 19:10 27/Nov/17

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 22:50 27/Nov/17

Outdated technology I know. At least I saw the vid now so I am happy. So good!!!

I still want the dvd though.

Seen pics of them, so they must be out there.

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