Vans Stoop Series

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APAC. (June 28, 2017) - This year Vans presents The Stoop Series; A skate contest on your front steps. For the next 4 weeks we are rewarding participation, technical prowess and creativity on your local stoop with Vans gear every week for the best submissions.

What’s a stoop you ask? In the most traditional sense a ‘stoop’ is a small staircase outside a building or apartment block, typically residential, the stoop is home to people of all walks of life; a melting pot of culture with historical significance. It’s also a classic east-coast skatespot, used for getting gnarly, creative or talking story with your crew over a few brews.

Show us how you, and your crew get down on your local stoop and tag the local Vans official IG account* and #VansStoop to enter the weekly draw for free Vans gear. Vans is also selecting the best submission from each region and one of their homies to get down on our stoops at the House Of Vans Guangzhou for a real taste of The Stoop Series.



Vans Stoop Series

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Potty2617 06:39 13/Jul/17

Skate a stoop and post it to Instagram tagging @vansaustralia #vansstoop and you are in the running to win Vans gear and the major prize a trip for two to #thehouseofvans Guangzhou
@sam_owbridge bluntslide @vansaustralia #vansstoop
Photo by: @raddada

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