Globe Bowl Comp

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Globe Bowl Comp

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thats a lot of $

tom vb
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Same money as the last 2 years

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On Saturday February 4th, the Globe ‘Bowl Riot’ Under 16 Australian Skateboard Championships will showcase the best of the best from the next generation of skateboarders in this country, at the newly unveiled indoor skate ramp at the Globe headquarters in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

This will be the biggest Bowl Riot event to date - aside from a $10,000 prize pool, there will be two swimming pools installed for an outdoor pool party, the Globe warehouse will be turned into a street skate plaza, two big screens will be installed to stream the Bowl Riot action live, there will also be DJ’s, a BBQ, show bags and more.

Bowl Riot will have three divisions - Under 16 Boys and Girls, Under 12 Boys and Girls and Under 9 Boys and Girls. Boys and Girls will compete against each other, Bowl Riot has no gender distinction.

Bowl Riot shines a spotlight on the next generation of skateboarders, a new wave of young Australian skaters who skate well beyond their years.

"Globe Bowl Riot has grown to be the paramount event for juniors in Australia. With an unprecedented purse of $10K for the under 16’s age group and a progressive format on the highest quality bowls, it really draws the best Aussie kids from every corner of the country”, says Event Director and World Champion Skateboarder Renton Millar.

Bowl Riot is an alcohol free, under age, all welcome event.

RE: Globe Bowl Comp

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Globe Bowl Riot Results: 2017

16 and Under
1. Keegan Palmer ($3,000)
2. Jedd McKenzie ($2,000)
3. Zac Callahan ($1500)
4. Dylan Donnini ($1,000)
5. Luke Russell ($700)
6. Sam Windhorst ($600)
7. Bryce McKean ($500)
8. Ethan Copeland ($300)
9. Kieren Woolley ($200)
10. Jedd Ragen ($200)
11. Zepp Heyes
12. Simon Dunn
13. Hugo Ilincik
14. Reef Condon
15. Max Wrangles
16. Jake McDonough
17. Max Bardas
19. Ben Hennessy
20. Leon Parker
21. Danny Mason
22. Julian Mansfield
23. Chloe Andrews
24 Ava Godfrey
25. Hamish Ramsay
26 Loup Treguer

12 And Under
1. Louis Newman
2. Kai Lawton
3. Nate Axford
4. Tom Cripps
5. Angus Owens
6. Max Owens
7. Dali Shaw
8. Zayle Whitehead
9. Kostyra Vallance
10. Heath Wrangles
11. Jude Cox
12. Tom Reade
13. Kyle Aarons
14. Aaliyah Wilson
15. Ti MacKenzie
16. Bridgett Williams

9 And Under
1. Jules Lawton
2. Noah Bardas
3. Keefer Wilson
4. Jackson Donnini
5. Isi Campbell
6. Zak Keene
7. Charlotte Heath
8. Daniel Woolley
9. Jack Lewis
10. Paddy OBrien
11. Johnny Hill
12. Boaz Bonar
13. Eddie Cullinan
14. Alfie Bonar
15. Freddie Hazelton
16. Sammy Hazelton
18. Ethan Ballard
19. Max Fullerton Keller
20. Leon Treguer

Bowl Riot 2017 was a killer event. Jam Format on a new bowl spiced up the festivities and the event brought out Australias best groms. Thanks to all that made it happen, especially Globe, David Gonzales, Steve Douglas, Steve Hill, as well as the judges JK, Jaffa, Tom Flaherty and Louis Durand. As well as Chelsie, Cody and anyone who helped make it a mad one. Also, just to note if you didn't get the result you were looking for, skatings all about fun, and shredding with your mates on the day in a good atmosphere is just as rad as any win. See you next time.

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