Australian National Finals

Christopher. 16:15 29/Nov/15

Hey homies, the ASL (Australian Skateboarding League) is hosting the Australian National Final at MOOMBA 2016 (Riverslide Skatepark) with $10,000 cash up for grabs.

$2000 cash will be handed out in a BEST TRICK comp on the day which is open entry.

The second part of the day will be a RUN FORMAT comp with an $8000 cash pool for the Opens division and a stack of prizes for the other divisions. This part of the event is INVITE ONLY.

Christopher. 16:19 29/Nov/15

There are two pathways to gain a guaranteed invite.

The first is to place in the top 3 in a regional league leader board. You will need to accumulate points across the league to achieve this. These leagues happen in VIC, NSW, TAS and SA. Some of these are completed while others are underway at the moment. Info can be found here:

Christopher. 16:22 29/Nov/15

The second is to place in the top 5 at a NATIONAL QUALIFIER. These comps also have a $1500 cash pool up for grabs for the Opens division and heaps of prizes across the others.


RE: Australian National Finals

Christopher. 16:24 29/Nov/15


RE: Australian National Finals

Christopher. 16:27 29/Nov/15

TAS and NSW will be hosting NATIONAL QUALIFIERS in the coming new year. More info to come on them and the NATIONAL FINAL real soon.

imgne_ 11:23 30/Nov/15

Anything for QLD or have I missed something?

neeburn 11:56 30/Nov/15

imgne_ QLD WA & NT just need to get organised.
If you want to make it happen in QLD, you can contact VSA for info on how to make it happen.

Hopefully next year QLD, WA & NT will be on the program, but it is going to need people to step up and help.

You know all this was started by VSA in partnership with YMCA without any taxpayer support.
Special mention needs to be made for Nick Buskens for the vision, and his team at YMCA for making this happen.

See results here:

And yes, this is the same series that SbA wanted to shut down!

Christopher. 12:26 30/Nov/15

Nothing for Queensland at the moment. I guess the ideal result is that there will be something in every state eventually.

If you want to see something like this happen in your state, make sure to get in contact with your local council and ask them to get involved.

Unfortunately there isn't an endless budget or staff to run these events. Each of the states mentioned have had some passionate locals and councils join up with the YMCA to put in a lot of their time and energy.

Organising skateboard competitions is not a profit game. That's why the support from councils, locals, shops and all the sponsors is much appreciated and needed.

This has all started from grass roots events that began in 2005. Since then the YMCA, local councils and sponsors have helped grow it to over 65 events a year in Australia. It would be great to see it continue to grow.

Christopher. 12:29 30/Nov/15

Oh yeah big shouts to the VSA and SKATEBOARD.COM.AU (Drew and Potty) for all their support of events in Australia. Legends.

Christopher. 10:57 06/Dec/15

After party this Saturday night for the South Australian homies. Freebird and Daily Grind putting some down on the bar for comp entrants.

RE: Australian National Finals

Christopher. 11:49 21/Dec/15

Congrats to ya Boi, and a Geelong Skate Shop teamster, Sam Atkins for taking out the Vic National Qualifier at Frankston. Walked away with $1000 largeeee.

RE: Australian National Finals

Christopher. 12:07 21/Dec/15

The $1000 at the South Australian Qualifier went to shred lord Angus Thomas. Dude kills it on and off the board.

RE: Australian National Finals

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