Noble Park Open

Potty2617 12:31 04/Aug/15

Noble park is officially open as of today, great work from the all the boys at Concrete Skateparks, Baseplate and of course Jon McGrath. Check the park forum for loads of park pics and clips

Noble Park Open

Potty2617 12:32 04/Aug/15

my name is ben 13:27 04/Aug/15


Insomniajosh 06:59 07/Aug/15

It's so damn good. I spent most of my time in the street bit and snake run. Big bowl was getting a pummelling. 10/10. Can't fault the joint

Sk8thendie 07:53 08/Aug/15

Looks a little lacking in the flat ledge department to be an epic street setup.

Insomniajosh 14:12 08/Aug/15


Noble Park Open

Sk8thendie 16:59 08/Aug/15

yep, I saw that. One low flat ledge/manual pad with a higher one over the top is a bit poor considering the overall size/ budget of the place. Couple of well placed bench height block ledges wouldn't go astray.

Bibbyphoto 18:57 10/Aug/15

the entire outer edge is skate able painted concrete ledges that grind and slide like red curb

Sk8thendie 19:44 10/Aug/15

hmmm well I haven't seen it but I bet it's more of an afterthought than actual ledges designed well by someone who isn't a bowl skater who thinks ledges are all the same.

snapper 02:25 20/Aug/15

You should skate it first before putting your 2 cents in.

Sk8thendie 06:15 20/Aug/15

Well I live in a different state so forgive me...... will probably get there soon. So i'm wrong??? well good.
Got any photographic evidence for me? because that's all I have to go on.

Insomniajosh 09:19 20/Aug/15

So you are having a whinge about Victoria's best skatepark without skating it? Next level whining!

Sk8thendie 06:45 21/Aug/15

Hahaha dude, i'm responding to where you said it was worth 10/10 and saying why it doesn't look to me that it is quite worth that, from photos that is, because it isn't that perfect. Around here though parks get high ratings if the bowl is good regardless of the street. Notice how I never said it sucked as a whole or stated anything as a fact. Go back and read my posts and think about it dickhead. Still waiting for someone to at least come on here who actually sounds like they skate street to say something like " nah dude, It's not your typical ledges put in around the bowl more as seats/an afterthought/lurker gallery, but these ones are actually a good height and in good positions so you can actually skate them both ways and come off the end "etc etc. Maybe if that happens i'll make the trip there next time i'm in Melbourne.

Insomniajosh 07:34 21/Aug/15

It's worth the train ride if you are in Melbourne. I'm just astounded I guess when something as rad as this gets built and people are negative about it. I'm pretty grateful.

gnar  gnar
gnar gnar 14:40 21/Aug/15

Looks absolutely amazing. Can't wait to sesh it.
Skating in the lush clip is rad too. One he'll of a session.

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