Fernside 2015

Potty2617 08:42 08/Mar/15

Fernside 2015

Cheetos 12:33 08/Mar/15

Good thing skaters don't work or go to school.

Nige@Weave 15:07 09/Mar/15

The details of this comp have been changed:
We are changing the times to 2pm till 7:30.
The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) are supplying an open air theatre with live feeds from the comp and a viewing of Volcom's TRUE TO THIS.

walker94 15:22 09/Mar/15

Any reason its on a Friday this year? Seems really silly

Nige@Weave 16:14 09/Mar/15

As its a activity that is funded by a Youth week grant that has a set age group that the funding is projected at, as the age group is 12-18 years we have put the comp on the friday as its in the school holidays.
The park will be full of little shredders anyway so we have moved the times back so the older crew can come down after work.

More comps can be organised through the year, if you want to get involved, email me.

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