2 Block Clip

Potty2617 21:42 12/Feb/15

Words by Geoff Campbell
This spot in the heart of Melbourne city had been sitting dormant for over a decade ruined by large metal seats screwed on top of the marble blocks.
All this footage is from November 2011 when for reasons unknown the metal was removed from the blocks for just over a month.
For that time we pretty much spent every Sunday arvo there when the bank it sits outside of was closed.
I had always heard about them being skateable in the mid Nineties and evidence of Ben Harriss killing them can be seen in Time Skateboards video "Money"
Check 4.03 and 4.35 (dont know why theres no music)
After our enjoyable month of skating the benches we arrived one day to find the metal tops had been put back on and the dream was over.
Here is a collection of the footage we filmed while it was around.
Featuring.....Bryce Golder, James Cruickshank, Arthur Kay, Jimmy Roche, Callum Paul, Jason Morey & Max Couling.

ChiefBEN 02:22 14/Feb/15

Callum.. very good

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