Volcom WITP Australian Championships

Potty2617 11:06 18/Nov/14

This Saturday Volcom's Wild In The Parks final hits Fernside Skate Park in Waterloo Sydney. Top 3 qualifiers from each state in Australia and Auckland New Zealand have earned their spot in this event.

Rego will be at 10am and first heats kick off at 11am.

The winner of the Opens division will win a return ticket to the USA to compete in the Global WITP Champs and have a shot at $15000.00USD.

This year there are tonnes of prizes to be won for all to enjoy through the usual Volcom antics including Skalectric car races, the Modus Pit Lane race on the mini ramp and much more from Theeve trucks, Picture Wheels, Penny Skateboards, Vans Shoes, Aerial 7 Headphones, Zero Skateboards and Electric Sunglasses.


15 & Under

Tai Wepa
Matthew Boggis
Sam Larkins
Joey Cormack
Noah Nayef
Rhys Andrews
Sam Suttons
Zac Clinkers
Elias Grimes
Jay Runciman
Bradley Saunders
Maninja Stone Kelly
Raphael Langslow
Jesse Abraham
16 & Over

Pedro Day
Jesse Garson
Jamey Foxton
Levi Moore
Angus Thomas
Chris Craig
Beau hinge
Ben Currie
Mitch Robertom
Matt D’Ambrosio
Aarron Winter
Clint Kenneally
Connor Harrington
Benjamin Weir

April Caslick
Tasha Saunders
Allanah Bruno
Kat Williams
Esther Godoy
Amelie Mansfield
Lacey Baker
Rhianna Arnold
Kelly Annear
Nicky Carlin
Bec Andrews
Jennifer Oakes
Soph Rothfield
Hayley Wilson
Ellie Sumerhayes
Alice Warren
Laura Bridle

Previous winner Nik Stipanovic joins the esteemed judging panel this year. With more hours logged at this park then most humans he brings a wealth of knowledge to event and will be a great addition to Head Judges, Darren Kaehne and Ryan Wilson.

Volcom WITP Australian Championships

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neeburn 12:01 21/Nov/14

Best wishes to the Vicco Team at WITP!

RE: Volcom WITP Australian Championships

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RE: Volcom WITP Australian Championships

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