Dane Burman xgames real street

Cameron M
Cameron M 06:40 14/May/14

Go vote for Dane:

I believe if anyone actually uses a twitter you can vote for him there as well (info in the link).

Cameron M
Cameron M 06:42 14/May/14

you can ONLY vote if you have a twitter*

RE: Dane Burman xgames real street

imgne_ 09:34 14/May/14

Anyone else's fuck up whilst trying to watch it?

choppa 11:50 14/May/14

Billy will win

Esquilax 14:18 14/May/14

i don't have twitter
clint walker one was my favourite though…
wes kremer is also awesome.
but if forrest edwards had done commentary over his own clip id probably like his the best haha

SB Academy 15:49 14/May/14

Forrest for the win

walker94 17:37 14/May/14

So whoever has more twitter followers wins? Seems very "real street"

Boon 20:01 14/May/14

^ Yeah this shits rigged, fuck that who has a chance when theres dudes like Mikey Taylor who thrive on twitter posts not skating. Dane if ur reading this: soz I dont have twitter.

shutdown 20:53 14/May/14

Billy murdered it but the song on his part was a direct rip from Dustin's winter ON video part. Kinda made it a bit trippy cos i kept picturing the tricks dustin did instead of the bangers billy was laying down.

Reynolds says....

Uh oh 22:29 14/May/14

Billy with the abd sw fs flip

yamumsyadad 22:48 14/May/14

billy skid marks tricks were predictable

Clint and Burman FTW

Forrest needs to learn a new ender besides doing tre flip 5050/5-0's

Stew.93 03:07 15/May/14

"Anyone else's fuck up whilst trying to watch it?"
I can't watch it either... farked

Shaka bruh
Shaka bruh 09:42 15/May/14


Shaka bruh
Shaka bruh 09:46 15/May/14

Does anyone know the process with filming these?
Do the X Games tell them say, 3 months prior that they're in Real Street and need to start stacking clips?
Or it's last minute and they have to use what they've got in their archives?

imgne_ 10:07 15/May/14

Hang in there Stew, it took me a couple of goes to get it to work, luckily for me I has a twitter (I barely us it anymore, but this was for a worthy cause) and both dane & volcom retweeted it, which was cool.

As for it being rigged... its not the first time its been iffy, I remember a clip where two dudes were arguing over how the voting for this was farked.

Oh and shaka, I think its a bit of both

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