Boserio/Campbell Two Up Shots

The following are some photos (thanks Moey) and a few words from/with Boserio and Alex sort of about the Nike SB Two Up video and Blazers. Onya Middsy/Geoff... Great work..

Brass FS Nosey - Moey

Name your favourite "shared part" of all time?

NB: -Ummmmm that's not easy... I mean, one of the greatest parts of all time has to be mike Carroll and Rick Howard in FTC penal code.But I love all tour videos and montages too (love Transworld Videoradio), which I guess are shared in a way. I also really like the Lincoln montage in Cunnies Box, that's pretty awesome, so is the friends section in Cold War actually... And the Toy Machine ad in Misled Youth!
AC: Jason Dill - Anthony Van Engelen � Feedback

What do you think of the mining tax?

NB: Well now I feel uninformed... Don't know what that is...
AC: No Comment

AC Ollie NZ - Moey

Name 2 dudes who should share a part?

NB: Callum Paul and josh Pall. Same board company, last name gimmick, and they're a different stance. Both have a great style of their own too.
AC: Brian anderson / Rick Howard, just think about it that's enough

Is it ok to cull kill sharks?

NB: No, it doesn't even make any sense.
AC: No way it is a horrible idea.

Brass Backlip - Moey

What country/place did you enjoy most as part of your filming for two up?

NB: New Zealand for sure, that was a great trip. A lot of good memories, Fuddy, beers, Lake Taupo, eating sandwiches for dinner in Alex's pimped out room with the weird giant windows in the Art Deco capital of the world... and of course great skate spots.
AC: New zeland was my favorite just had so much fun there on and off the board.

AC Manny Combo - Moey

Why are blazers awesome?

AC: They're classic.
NB: Just a well made shoe simple not to much going on with it.

Brass BS 180 5050 Halfcab - Moey

Do you think 'two up' will contribute to problem gambling?

NB: Haha no... Although you can play it at the Burswood Casino in Perth, I tried to play once when I turned 18, it was a heavy scene!
AC: Not sure i hope so haha.

AC FS 180 NZ - Moey

Name your favourite blazer/blazer wearer.

NB: Luke Croker will probably be my all-time favourite wearer of the Blazer, he kickflipped over this rail in Perth wearing them (This was probably in 2007/8). He just made them look good, he had them all worn in perfectly and everything. Croker made me start wearing Blazers that fateful day.
AC: Huf blazers because they are the best shoe ever hope they bring them back!

What is your next major project

NB: On April 2nd I move to the states and finally get to marry my beautiful fianc�e about a month after that. Not really a project per say, but that's what's next!
AC: Film another part with josh roberts - going on a holiday with my two boys and partner.

Brass Bank Boardy - Moey

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Onya Jason!

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