VIVA Prahran 2014

Potty2617 12:47 27/Feb/14

VIVA Prahran 2014

ChiefBEN 15:41 27/Feb/14

Best comp in Aus

Buddha. 20:39 28/Feb/14

clip from last year as a g up

Vert 4 Trev!
Vert 4 Trev! 21:25 03/Mar/14

Pro Vert Demo: Bahahaha

Someone is lining their pockets like usual....

Ryan H
Ryan H 14:11 27/Mar/14

2007 was a good year! - Shane O'neill, Switch Flip. Photo: Claringbold

RE: VIVA Prahran 2014

Finbrah 19:41 27/Mar/14

Shame he'd never skate in it again.

Ryan H
Ryan H 12:49 02/Apr/14

Just thought i'd give put up some details on the prizes allocation for VIVA.
Open (Unsponsored) Street - Prizes up to 10th Place
Mini Ramp Jam - $250 best overall and 5 x $50 spot prizes
Sponsored Street - Cash Prizes up to 6th Place (1st = $1000, 2nd = $500, 3rd = $250, 4th = $100, 5th = $100, 6th = $50)
Sponsored Street - 10 Stair Jam (10 x $50 spot prizes)
U18 Vert - Prizes up to 6th place.
Registration from 11am on the day, comp starts at 12!

Ryan H
Ryan H 14:34 09/Apr/14

Another clip from years gone by, fingers crossed the rain clears up for Sat!

Ryan H
Ryan H 10:44 11/Apr/14

The weather forecast for Sat is improving and it looks like we are in with a shot, the plan is to push ahead with the event and if need be delay the start. With $3k prize money and a humble estimate of over $5k in prizes, don't sleep on this one!!

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