True To This Oz NZ Tour

The Stone
The Stone 09:28 27/Feb/14

Yep it's begun... #touring #TrueToThisOzNZ @volcom_oz @vansaustralia @reecoss @stipanator @chimaferguson #Auckland #GoldCoast #Sydney #Melbourne @skateboardcomau

The Stone
The Stone 09:31 27/Feb/14

Yep it's begun... #touring #Tr

volcom_oz 09:35 27/Feb/14

This Saturday drop it all and get down to Vic Park Skate Park in Auckland. Free skate event with our pros @chimaferguson @daneburman @stipanator @reecoss @shaneazar all coming down to hang out. Some epic prizes from our supporting sponsors to be won and given out to the crowd on the day. @aerial7aus @modusbearings @theevetrucks @vansaustralia @zeroskateboards @pennyskateboards

This Saturday drop it all and

The Stone
The Stone 10:00 27/Feb/14

Vic Park Auckland @chimaferguson @shaneazar #TrueToThisOzNz @volcom_oz @vansaustralia straight off the plane last night. #nointernetcontect
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Dane Burman II
Dane Burman II 18:50 27/Feb/14



The Stone
The Stone 21:05 27/Feb/14

Guess who arrived to join the trip? #truetothisoznz @volcom_oz #maninblack

Guess who arrived to join the

drew 22:00 27/Feb/14

@volcom_oz team have started their #TrueToThisOzNz tour and we r lucky enough to have @raddada bloggin it for us, did I also mention we have some VIP tickets to the Melbourne Prem to give away

@volcom_oz team have started t

The Stone
The Stone 07:45 28/Feb/14

Best dudes @shaneazar @boltonfilms @daneburman

Best dudes @shaneazar @boltonf

volcom_oz 07:50 28/Feb/14

The #TrueToThis tour has kicked off. The crew checking some clips. #Volcom_oz #TrueToThisOzNz @coronaextra_au @bulleitwhiskey @daneburman @chimaferguson @stipanator @reecoss @shaneazar @boltonfilms

The #TrueToThis tour has kicke

shaneazar 08:00 28/Feb/14

@reecoss pisses every time the van pulls over. #3rd public piss of the day! #TrueToThisOzNz #Volcom_Oz @coronaextra_au got him moving.

@reecoss pisses every time the

The Stone
The Stone 08:10 28/Feb/14

3 way @chimaferguson @reecoss @daneburman #TrueToThisOzNz @volcom_oz @vansaustralia

Volcom 3 Way

Dane Burman II
Dane Burman II 10:30 28/Feb/14

@stipanator smithanator #truetothisoznz

@stipanator smithanator #truet

slamskateboarding 10:35 28/Feb/14

@volcom_oz are premiering their new skate, snow and surf video, #TrueToThis in March. Screenings are being held in Auckland, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, with @volcom riders @therealdustindollin, @daneburman, @chimaferguson, @stipanator, @shaneazar, @kieranreilly and @maxcouling in tow. Get there! Head to the site to watch all four "making of" episodes behind the video - link on our profile. #skateboarding #slamskateboarding

@volcom_oz are premiering thei

Dane Burman II
Dane Burman II 11:55 28/Feb/14

shaneazar 12:10 28/Feb/14

Couple of bloody hippies. @chimaferguson @daneburman and an great pose from @raddada #truetothisoznz #truetothis #volcom_oz @bulleitwhiskey @coronaextra_au

Couple of bloody hippies. @chi

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