Volcom Stone's Let The Kids Ride

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The purpose of Volcom Stone's Let The Kids Ride Free program is to create a unique environment, not a typical contest, but more like a gathering. It is where people can come together and hang out, without all the fees, rules,stipulations and lack of camaraderie of a normal event. These events are about giving back to the skate community and making it possible for kids without sponsors or money to compete. Kids will be able to show off their talent at a local and national level, pushing the next generation to be better than the last.

Wild In The Parks is a great environment to hang out, eat some free food, skate and cheer on your friends. AND! We want to see you there! So skip the sleep-in, grab your board and meet us there.

There are three divisions 15 and under boys and 16 and over boy and a girls all ages. All competitors under 18 need a parents/guardian signature Download entry form PDF here and bring it to the event. The qualifiers from this event will be invited to the "Wild In The Parks Championships" on November 22nd where the best will skate off against finalists from Australia and New Zealand. For more info click here!

March 1st 2014, Vic Park Skate park, Auckland - NZ
June 28th 2014, Monster Skate Park, Homebush, NSW
September 7th 2014, Fremantle Skate Park, Fremantle - WA
September 27th 2014, Osborne Skate Park, Osborne - SA
October 11th 2014, Prahran Skate Park, Prahran - VIC
November 22nd 2014, Championship event - Sydney (Location TBA)

Check Volcoms FACEBOOK for each events specific event page. Pages will be created 2 months prior to event. Let us know your coming and have a chance to win one of the pre event prizes.

All the fun that is Wild In The Parks kicks off at 9:30am, so be sure to arrive early. Support your local skaters and enjoy a FREE day full of fun. Activities are planned for whole the day, so everyone has a chance walk away with something.

Thanks to our supporting sponsors:

Volcom Stone's Let The Kids Ride

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