Minute For Kenny - Results

drew 10:11 11/Nov/13

Today and Tomorrow I will be posting the parts that just missed out on the Top 3. 3rd will be announced Wednesday, 2nd Thursday and 1st Friday.

Here is what Kenny had to say in regards to entries/judging as a whole

"What I love most about skateboarding is the creativity. It's so personal and It's basically whatever you want it to be. These were all filled with everything I love about kateboarding and skateboarders. I actually hate to judge skateboarding or anything for that matter. Skateboarding is different for everyone and you can see it through all of these videos. I like a new spot just as much as a NBD, I like to laugh at myself and with my friends just as much as I like to go insane trying a trick for 7 days straight. I watched these and I tried not to think so much. I just went off feeling and wrote down whatever i was thinking. These were all amazing in there own way and Thank you for your creation and thank you for letting me a part of it."

drew 10:32 11/Nov/13

First of those who just missed out on the top 3.. In no order or anything...

Brendan Kent

"can't go wrong with biggie.. sick lines and sick spots. I like when people come out of tricks differently then the way you typically would.
That switch heel nose manny half cab."

drew 10:39 11/Nov/13

Another just missed out..

Rhys Green

"I liked the vibe on this one. Skating went good with the song.
Some really cool spots I want to go to. That scoop on the front pivot fake was sick."

drew 10:40 11/Nov/13

Bibi Bradbury

"Sometimes it's nice not to have music….It was just the sound of landing solid on every trick. the 2 9 stair line was sick. i love clean backside 180 ollies"

crazy eyes
crazy eyes 10:58 11/Nov/13

If that's what didn't make the cut!

walker94 12:13 11/Nov/13 3 is gonna be gnar

Bombzigty. 13:44 11/Nov/13

Did anyone else make a minute montage? I didn't realise it was for the one skater only.

Bombzigty. 13:44 11/Nov/13

oh and those ruled!

drew 13:54 11/Nov/13

"Did anyone else make a minute montage?"

yeah yeah, there are montages in there

cuntm8noworries 18:48 11/Nov/13

holy fuck that rhys green 1 minute was ridiculous!

beastlyfeast 19:12 11/Nov/13

three quality clipz. i kinda wish kenny proof read what he wrote. his grammatical ability aint quite as effortless as his skating

Hickmen 21:03 11/Nov/13

who cares about his his grammatical ability you're cramping

walker94 21:40 11/Nov/13

I can just imagine you watching him skate..."I mean, Kenny's part was good. I loved the switch backside flip nose manny, but it's such a shame that his grammatical ability is lacking"

By the way I can't find much wrong with it besides missing the "s" key on one occasion..sheesh

Evanz 07:41 12/Nov/13

Tough competition, can't wait to see the top entries!

drew 14:10 12/Nov/13

3 more "just missed out guys"

Todd Baker/Rob Crawford

"I liked the super 8/16mm feel. Not too many people use that anymore. unique spots and that last trick was amazing."

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