King of Coops Results/Vid 2014

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Last Saturday 21st September was the third annual Project Distribution 'King of Coops' Skate Competition, held at Brisbane's Coorparoo Skatepark. We had an awesome day with a super strong turnout of skaters of all ages from across Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts all competing for over $5000 worth of Cash and Prizes.

The 16 & Under division got things off to a great start with some really good skating. Jack Anderson took it out with a heap of rad tricks over the hip and on the ledges. Next up was the Opens, which had some amazing heats. The standard of skating was super high and it was Coops local Brendan Dean who put it all together with a mix of tech skating and almost flawless consistency to take out the win.

Before the Sponsored kicked off, we held the Mini Ramp Jam, where Rob from Concrete Skateparks donated $500 to give out to guys that were ripping. Some of the tricks and lines that went down were insane… Pat and Jim Dandy, Kobe Graf, Boyd Young, Mashy and Bugs Fardell put down some heavy tricks, all while dodging the 4 or 5 other guys in the ramp at the same time. All terrain destroyer Jack Fardell was in a league of his own though, tearing across the ramp from end to end, flying super high and bashing everything to truck or decker. All the guys who were shredding walked away with at least one $50 note for their efforts.

Next was the main event of the day – The Sponsored Division. Every heat was stacked, with some of Queensland's best skaters in attendance including Joel McIlroy, Adam Dawes, Boyd Young, Beacho and a heap of others. The judges had their work cut out as it was hard to know where to look when you've got 5 guys all landing tricks on different parts of the park. Everything stopped when Pat Dandy sized up the NBD gap from the Hip over the back railing… He took some gnarly slams, some of which were just pushing trying to get the speed to clear it! Unfortunately Pat couldn't roll away, but the crowd loved every second of it regardless. When the heats resumed, the shredding continued and it was left to the judges to decide on a top 5 for the Final.

The Sponsored final saw Boyd Young, Sam Fullwood, Joel McIlroy, Mike Lawry and Richard Flude battle it out trick for trick in the 5 minute Jam. Some insane tricks went down, most of which were first try, including Joel's Front Crook pop over on the rail into the bank, Mike's Bigspin Front Blunt on the flatbar and Boyd's Nollie Bigspin Heel to the flat. In the end it was Boyd Young's tech consistency that just beat out defending champ Joel McIlroy and the rest of the guys. Boyd took home $1000 cash and was crowned the 2013 KING OF COOPS!

We'd like to give a big Thanks to all of the skateboarders who came along and helped make it an amazing day. It's great to see everyone getting behind a grass roots skate event that is run BY skateboarders, FOR skateboarders.

We're looking forward to King of Coops 2014 already!
16 & UNDER
1st – Jack Anderson
2nd – Jarrod Rayalford
3rd – Sam Larkins

1st – Brendan Dean
2nd – Jarrod Rigby
3rd – Aaron Hall
4th – Craig Henderson
5th – Kaine Rogers

1st – Boyd Young
2nd – Joel McIlroy
3rd – Sam Fullwood
4th – Mike Lawry
5th – Richard Flude


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