fs 180 - photo: markin

Top 3 reasons to live in Newcastle

- Rough Ground
- Rough People
- Rough Parks

Top 3�Reasons not to live in Newcastle-

- Rough Ground
- Rough People
- Rough Parks

Top 3�Newcastle skatespots

- Spots?...

Top 3�Things you get asked about your mini

- How much did it cost?
- How long did it take to build?
- Does it still exist?

ollie - photo: mapstone

Top 3 People to have skated your mini

- The HOON boys
- The POON boys
- Carnell

Top 3�Musicians

- Tom Waits
- Modest Mouse
- Bright Eyes

fs lip - photo: sparrow

Top 3�Celebrity slick backs (skateboarding/musicians or otherwise)

- Grease Lightning
- Cry Baby
- Sparx

Top 3�Talents outside of skateboarding

- Building stuff
- Breaking stuff
- �

Top 3�Things you've built/worked on

- The ramp
- All of my shit cars
- That hole in my pocket of a motorbike

fs 5050 - photo: markin

Top 3�Worst injuries

- Broken Hip
- Broken Ankle
- Eternally fucked knee

Top 3�Places to eat in Newcastle

- Embassy
- Frankies
- Home

Top 3�Reasons not to listen to hip hop

- Australian hip hop
- �Money and Bitches�

Top 3�Flames that wouldn't go out

- All of them�

Top 3�Vehicles that didn't last

- The first Datsun
- The Corona
- The last Datsun

fs noseblunt - photo: markin

Top 3�Tricks that broke you off (particularly ledge wax days)

- Sketchy 15 rails
- Convict Yard
- Warming up in Melbourne

Top 3�Epic Kirchart moments

- The dance of madness and despair
- All of sight unseen
- Stay Gold part

Top 3 Nights to party

- Most nights Burgo�s home.

Top 3 worst jobs

- Telemarketing
- Call Centre
- Kmart night packing

Top 3 cities

- Melbourne
- Sydney
- Ho Chi Mihn

fs 5050 - photo: markin

Top 3 Youtube clips

- Krooked 2D
- Rod Stewart � Young Turks
- That 10 hour flying cat

Top 3 skateparks

- Newi
- Belco
- Five Dock

Top 3 plans for the future

- Get out of the country for a while
- Worry about getting old
- Get fired

walker94 10:43 17/Sep/13

180 over that dock is super the noseblunt a gap in from the bump?

switch fakie
switch fakie 12:01 17/Sep/13

sure is riely. lyddiard is the best dude.always a gentlemen.hahaha

imgne_ 12:17 17/Sep/13

Radness... but is the mini still there?

crazy eyes
crazy eyes 12:18 17/Sep/13

that last 50 looks mighty sketchy!

RHW 18:14 17/Sep/13

ripping effort by all !

cuntm8noworries 22:01 17/Sep/13

always been a fan of this dude, little surprised about the artfag music taste though. i get more of a mustang sally vibe from him

Cameron M
Cameron M 07:48 18/Sep/13

Ahh c'mon m8, can't h8 on a guy for trying to show his sensitive side. Never fear though he's always the first to throw some Johnny Cash on.

cuntm8noworries 08:29 18/Sep/13

hahaha fuck yeah i am 100% on this guy now

big loose hole
big loose hole 09:19 18/Sep/13


shutdown 18:36 18/Sep/13

Great shots and read... Was surprised to hear he's have had a few broken bones tho, always thought Lyds was like Bruce Willis in unbreakable with rubber bones or something.

Fetus 21:41 18/Sep/13

True bestman!

disappointed about no mention of the leap of lyddiard though haha

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