The Scram Video prem

.SYLVA 14:33 15/Jul/13

My good mate Adam Tabone has recently started getting some boards out there and has put together a video featuring a bunch of us guys involved. All good fun times and skateboarding. Premiere is next saturday in gosford, just near the train station, the venue is BYO so you can pick up some cheap bottles at the bottle shop and come check it. Should be a good time.

For more info hit the link

The Scram Video prem

reesm8bigproblems 15:36 15/Jul/13

New zahra part, I'm excited

tinbum 12:36 16/Jul/13

sylva + dean part = tissues

switch fakie
switch fakie 15:20 16/Jul/13

happy tissues

.SYLVA 18:35 16/Jul/13

Zahra fs Feebs, photo by Sparrow.

RE: The Scram Video prem

.SYLVA 08:28 07/Aug/13

So the above date for the premiere was off, the venue double booked which kind of really sucked.


This saturday at Slam Factory, around wish, video premiere then a lil fun best trick comp after.

.SYLVA 08:30 07/Aug/13

RE: The Scram Video prem

Evanz 09:55 07/Aug/13

Rad guys good luck!

.SYLVA 09:59 07/Aug/13

around 6ish
damn auto correct.

walker94 11:55 07/Aug/13

yesss can't wait to see it!

A.Walker 15:19 07/Aug/13

Hype!!! Keen as to see this.

ThirtyFive 12:33 08/Aug/13

such a good trailer!

RHW 12:37 08/Aug/13

such a rad group of dudes ! hyped for this

heres sparrows frontside flip from the trailer .... hype ! hype ! hype !

RE: The Scram Video prem

tinbum 08:59 10/Aug/13

sylva wishes he could manuel.
traier was awesome!

.SYLVA 13:20 12/Aug/13

On behalf of Adam and the crew at Slam Factory, Thanks to everyone that came down! Ended up with a massive turn out and a lot of happy faces and good times.

After the Video there was a lil Jam/best trick comp, Matt Young took it out followed by Jack Fischer and Brendan Eazy.

Video will be online soon and some stores will be getting some promo copies to give out as well.

More new projects coming from scram in the future! to stay updated hit up the Facebook page

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