Chima Vans Commercial

drew 10:34 02/Jul/13

drew 10:53 02/Jul/13

the pr




Timeless style meets modern performance. You might just as well be describing Sydney's finest, Chima Ferguson, as you might his introductory signature model, the CHIMA PRO, new from VANS PRO SKATE this winter. It's not just that Chima has some of the most technical tricks on some of the biggest drops around the globe, but it's the seemingly effortless way in which he does them that continues to leave jaws on the floor wherever he goes.

Featuring fully-fused DURACAP reinforced canvas (and/or suede) uppers and VANS PRO LITE construction (on average 30% lighter than traditional vulcanized styles), the CHIMA PRO is unlike any other: Tough as leather, yet light as a feather! The CHIMA PRO offers premium leather details on four bold colours this season, including a printed (Hawaiian) Blue, Red/White all-over canvas and a Black/White suede and canvas offering. Timeless style meets modern performance? You bet your sweet ass it does!

RE: Chima Vans Commercial

reesm8bigproblems 11:00 02/Jul/13

Amazing trick, psyched the footage came out quickly too. His pro shoe in the grey colour looks good.

cuntm8noworries 11:02 02/Jul/13

already expressed my stoke for this in the other thread, now to be a nit-picking little fuckwit- did anyone else think the first angle of the backside flip was shown too quickly? something a bit iffy went on there that i can't quite put my finger on. fuck ya

rickksc 12:08 02/Jul/13

I thought it was a lil quick too, but it looks as if he made it, has abit of a 'sheckler stee' to it!

doon 12:19 02/Jul/13

didnt he also bs 360 that as well in his real part??
bs flip is fucked. dollin fs flip is also fucked up. oh shiiittttt

crackdragon 14:50 02/Jul/13

needed that rand old lurker in both angles for optimal HD advertising

crackdragon 14:53 02/Jul/13

possibly a quick cut scene of the rand old lurker staring into the sunset

hari_ 15:31 02/Jul/13

fuck yeah. I was trying to look for the clip where he does back 3 down that spot, the other day

OllyWest 16:04 02/Jul/13

Stoked for chima. Stoked on the bs flip .

Less stoked that the people at vans don't know how to spell Australia. That makes the whole Sydney pride thing a bit awkward....

shutdown 16:18 02/Jul/13

When editors do suspect cuts like that its usually to hide some kind of 'scar' on a trick like a hands-down, foot scrape, weird tic tac, bastien squat etc. If the angle that made the trick look the biggest was also the one that highlighted the scar, then you'd use the first half of it and then cut to the second angle to hide the issue with the landing etc.

Another possibility is that there is only one camera there (HD cams aint cheap) and the first angle in this one was a non-make. If you look at the dude walking up the street, he is past the light pole by the time he's into the flip in the second angle but in the first shot he is no-where to be seen.

Either way, pretty hectic trick. I've always thought that spot would be a cunt to film. You would want to make it look like an 18 stair / as big as possible so filming from the front usually wins, which is why it seems strange they kept the angle from the top...

shutdown 16:31 02/Jul/13

Just saw the AUSTRAILIA typo OllyWest pointed out. Fuck thats pretty bad style. They will probably claim it was a joke based on our accents / the way we sound when we say it..

All the lounge-chair criticisms aside, I thought the clip was pretty tight / well done. If I had one main beef it would be that you NEVER should cut to a second angle without showing the pop. Cutting mid flip is whack and we never get to see the full trick. Looking forward to the 20 minute 'making of' clip where all is revealed.

RE: Chima Vans Commercial

cuntm8noworries 18:05 02/Jul/13

Yeah maybe that's actually why it was wierd to watch shutdown, they didn't show the pop. That spelling error is hein hahahah

issue_1 19:02 02/Jul/13

Damn that b/s flip is wild! Good on him, grey shoe looks tight.

rigbyluke 20:55 02/Jul/13

Filmed by Greg Hunt ..

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