Potty2617 20:32 27/Jun/13

Fun times with the Vans team at Riverslide.

heavyweight 21:14 27/Jun/13

ha ha

yamumsyadad 21:19 27/Jun/13

MTV Jedi

endor 16:56 28/Jun/13

yeah i was disapointed that my knee had problems early. the skating level was real high. there was a tall guy doing lots of tricks on the rail. and everyone ripped the box and wall. clearly haloween or wild in the parks is jedis next objective.

endor 12:22 29/Jun/13

by the way jedi just spoke with his politician mother and she told jedi when she recieves her supperanuation in about 3 or 4yrs then she'l buy a brand new car (probably a jeep) and jedi recieves her old car. and she claims jedi can loan a decent amount from her when this occurs. jedi could buy shares in lucasarts (now owned by disney) :) but apart from that jedi is focusing on haloween or wild in the parks.

sk8parx troll
sk8parx troll 17:03 29/Jun/13


Tim B.
Tim B. 21:40 29/Jun/13

Jedi will you be attempting to buy a controlling stake in lucasarts? Enough to place yourself in the next Disney starwars movie franchise perhaps?

endor 11:45 30/Jun/13

nah man george lucas already knows who i am. he made the force unleashed games bcause of me. have u noticed that the main character resembles me closely. so i could probably b the jedi from force unleashed in the new movies. aslong as hes not a sith in the new movie. and by the way lakyn bfore u where on tv u used to smoke sativa and skate mad all the time yeah? well let me think - smoking cannabis and deathdefying airs and bluntslides down 10stair ledges? people that is the correct attitude to learn magic from skating and cannabis combined- just like jedi and hosoi learned magic. and as ive bfore mentioned another correct way is to smoke and air big on vert.

endor 12:37 30/Jun/13

remember jedi wikileaks and the stuff i said about force unleashed. well if grant warrington wins the sydney to hobart this yr then the wikileak about grant warrington will come true. and how do u think fanning and parko found me im torquay - answer 1 - people they know in torquay spotted me and phoned parko and fanning and told them where to find me so fanning and parko could go and talk to me. answer 2 - they used lock power to find me and talk to me :)

endor 13:32 30/Jun/13

remember when the on tv commodore of yacht racing aus banned grant warrington wild thing from sydneytohobart for safety paperwork compliance issues . thats straight up shit . bcause jedi knows the real reason is bcause the commodore found out about the fence jump challenge with jedi lakyn mitch etc. and that if jedi landed his fence then jedi would b melb and aus equal most famous skater and skateracer. and if grant and wild thing win then then jedi and grant would b aus most famous racers (for a while). so the commodore banned grant for a reason that was a lie. then lakyn didnt turn up to the fence jump challenge at aus day. and jedi was shut down after 2 fence jump attempts. then jedi went on tv and bcame the most famous skateboardracer im australia. and if grant warrington wins this years race then jedi and grant will both b the most famous racers in aus. both of us from mornington........take that commodore....take that.........special props to williamstown,torquay,and riversidesk8park for help making it happen....word

sk8parx troll
sk8parx troll 14:11 30/Jun/13


endor 20:06 30/Jun/13

dude christian is a liar about many issues bcause of his involvement with the church and bcause he is being paid big cash and the cash and church tricks him to lie and say that magic isnt real. if u want to know how good r jedis powers? they help u get on tv and they assisted me to escape a murder attempt just once thou......... and lock on power mayb let fanning and parko find me at bells beach torquay, and it let delta goodrem find me at pt melbourne when id just done the old world record long distance skate mission from mornington to pt melbourne. christian can lie if he wants. jedi will never believe that rubbish

sk8parx troll
sk8parx troll 08:01 01/Jul/13

you're off your head mate!

recreate 16:55 02/Jul/13

im getting scared jedi

recreate 16:55 02/Jul/13

jedi what does ur bum smell and taste like after u fargt?

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