Oakley (Koston etc) in Oz

walker94 13:19 06/Jun/13

People are being paid to travel the world and film/edit shit this badly...not sure what the point of the widescreen crop was...but Koston's front board to hurricane in Darling Harbour is sick

walker94 13:24 06/Jun/13

There's an article thing with photos from Arto here...just scroll down. I can definitely see Arto making his own zine or becoming editor of one sometime in the future

cuntm8noworries 13:30 06/Jun/13

RE: Oakley (Koston etc) in Oz

Evanz 13:33 06/Jun/13

Next level extreme sports film making

Silky_Johnson 14:37 06/Jun/13

stopped watching at 0.52 these are the kinda things that make me spew. go back to the board room oakley. you suck

crazy eyes
crazy eyes 15:45 06/Jun/13

don't watch the clip, instead scroll down and look at artos photos

drew 15:56 06/Jun/13

ahh teasers, arty footage of corio but no shredding.. i liked it though, any koston footy is great in my books, fsbs to huzza and fsnbs were titties

baulko 16:33 06/Jun/13

Lots of ART in that one... some good skating, but I guess you had to use your imagination to see it properly

walker94 16:50 06/Jun/13

Shecksy back tailed Cockle Bay rail too...word is he fullcabbed the rocks rail...keen for this Plan B business

big loose hole
big loose hole 17:12 06/Jun/13

haha who gave the news reporter the camera, that was rubbish as

atheosx 18:23 06/Jun/13

so i didnt hate it.. id go so far as to say i actually liked it. (minus broom cam)

shecklers fucked hey.

TYRANT 19:08 06/Jun/13

That was awesome, seems like most of you retards want the same generic shit in every clip.

Tim B.
Tim B. 19:26 06/Jun/13

The filmers zoom out button seems to be broken

Alexander Downer
Alexander Downer 19:29 06/Jun/13

seems like we want a clip where we can actually see the tricks done and the song isn't gay as all hell

walker94 19:39 06/Jun/13

Mr Downer has nailed it, Tyrant there is a difference between "something different" and "absolute garbage".

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