Vans In Tas

drew 10:25 28/May/13

Vans In Tas

sk8parx troll
sk8parx troll 10:52 28/May/13

lol a tassie promo with a pic of swansea park in NEW SOUTH WALES.

i wear moccos
i wear moccos 11:56 28/May/13

I didn't know you needed a nickname to catch the Spirit Of Tasmania.

DIXX 14:57 28/May/13

hahah owned ! love it

DIXX 14:58 28/May/13

ps nicknames are cool

sk8parx troll
sk8parx troll 15:35 28/May/13

is nathan trew still sponno by vans, or has he become washed up?

walker94 15:58 28/May/13

Was Nathan Trew ever actually sponno by Vans? I also lolled at the Swansea park thing

walker94 15:59 28/May/13

Also in regards to Nathan, he's pretty injured, lots of surgery etc on his knees/ankle I think

SS- 19:12 28/May/13

Nathan Trew has suffered injury to his feet due to the increased weight pressure on them.

dbimrob 20:21 28/May/13

can say know to a free feed!

Poga cant skate
Poga cant skate 20:31 28/May/13

stoked these lads are coming to Tassie! thanks Vans!!!

tinbum 21:24 28/May/13

new guy is saa hawt rait neow

yioryo 11:04 29/May/13


jimmy6balls 09:29 31/May/13

1st time to tassy!

1st time to tassy!

Poga cant skate
Poga cant skate 09:33 31/May/13

yiewwwww pumped for this!!

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