Severin von Ow - Int/vid

Interview by T-bags

Yo Seve! - What are you up to right now?

Hey man, I�ve just come home from work. Sitting in the loungeroom now, watching TV.

What�s your full name? And age?

Severin von Ow, 31 years old. Proper old cunt.

Severin von Ow - Gooch Street 3 Leftovers - TBAGS

Haha! And where are you originally from?

I grew up in a tiny little country town way up in the most northern part of Switzerland, right on the German border.

I recently saw a very old photo of you with you first skateboard on Christmas day. How old where you/what year was that?

I'm pretty sure that was my first board yeah! I would've been around 9 years old or something. I don't think I stuck with skating after that though...I think I just rolled around for a few weeks and then went on to do other things. Kinda what you do around that age, short attention span I guess. But then I picked it up again a year or two later and started skating properly.

Personally I think you share a very close resemblance to Michael C. Hall from the Dexter series, or maybe Aaron Eckhart in Batman. Who do you think your perfect doppelganger is?

Haha. I don't know...I guess you never really see the resemblance yourself. People just tell you "hey you look like that guy", and you're like "ahh really? Ok, whatever". But it does seem like a lot of people think I look like someone else. I get Harrison Ford a lot. God knows why. Steve Martin is a good one too. I might look a bit like Matt Damon on my driver's license. Short hair, clean-shaven...the photo's like ten years old haha. Oh I almost forgot, there's also a famous Swiss ice hockey player that looks quite similar! His name's Severin too, fuckin creepy haha.

I just Googled him � Severin Blindenbacher; he does look like you! Now, after spending a couple of years in Melbourne, you�ve recently moved to Zurich. Can you talk a little about what made you move home? Basically, my visa expired and there was no way in hell they'd give me another one after having already been in Australia for nearly 2.5 years. I definitely milked it pretty hard as far as visas go!

Ollie Up - BS Flip - Jordan

You seemed to kill it pretty hard with the ladies in Oz, wasn�t there anyone you could convince to marry you so you could stay in the country?

Haha no. Well, its not exactly like I was looking for a wife you know. It's not that easy anyway. You can't just go and marry someone and then stay for the rest of your life. It's much more complicated than that. But for some reason you guys keep thinking that it'd be the perfect solution. A couple dudes even suggested gay marriage haha!

Well if it WAS that easy, I think I know a few people who may be keen. You had a few pro-model boards for the Swiss company 5th District. Have you signed many autographs throughout your long and prosperous career?

Haha prosperous huh?!? People shouldn't overrate the fact that I used to have a board with my name on it. Its not like I made any money off it. The 5th District was just a small company. One of the most popular and respected ones in Switzerland, but still pretty small. The two guys who owned it had fulltime jobs on the side. So its not like I was leading a Sheckler-esque rockstar life. I HAVE signed a few autographs in my time though. But I always felt bad for ruining some kid's board graphic or t-shirt haha.

So anyway.. Switzerland and Sweden are the same place aren�t they?

Haha yeah absolutely! Just like Australia and Austria are the same thing as well. Right?!

So they aren�t the same? Now I�m confused. What are the top 3 things you miss the most about Oz?

-Having drinks out the front of our old house on Southey St in Kensington.

-Friday arvo sessions at Prahran skatepark.

-The weather!

Fakie Shuv Nosemanny Fakie Tre - Jordan

Top 3 things about living in Europe?

-Lots of exciting countries and cities to go to.

-Everything's pretty much just around the corner.

-Capped ledges are few and far between.

Top 3 things to do while waiting out the freezing Swiss winter?

-Watch Seinfeld re-runs all night long.

-Skate the local indoor park that's got no heating.


Toughy: Top 3 places to eat in Aus?

-Don Don's

-KP Pizza

-Joey Dodd's place when his wife is making a home-cooked meal

Nodeslide Inward Heel - Jordan

Fuck yes Don Don�s.

Top 3 dudes to skate with?

-Mike Martin

-Joey Lyons

-All of the Gooch St crew

Hell yer!

Top 3 places you�ve travelled to?


-New York

-Shenzhen, China

Have you been to an AFL match?

Yes I have! It was St. Kilda against Collingwood and I'm pretty sure St. Kilda got their asses kicked. I think it took me a solid year to finally figure out the rules. I still don�t know them very well.

What�s some of your favourite Australian slang?

"Fuckin oath" is a pretty good one. And I think I learnt "sprouter" on the very first day in Oz haha. Also, I like when people say they've been "flat out doin fuck all". That�s a pretty rad saying. "Semi chub" is awesome haha. Not actually sure if that�s official Aussie slang or if that�s just Zac Mccoy slang. Basically, anything Zac says is pretty epic.
SW Tail Inward Heel Revert - Jordan

Haha, Zac is a pisser. You�ve got a pretty big bag of dad-jokes, maybe even bigger than your bag of tricks. Tell us a good one?

A new restaurant just opened on the moon. Apparently the food is great, but there�s no atmosphere.

Bahaha, nice. What�s the biggest rail you�ve skated?

Ten stair Front Board. I was young and reckless.

Trick you�ve done that contains the most syllables?

Haha oh come on... I don't know. Probably some stupid manual combo or something like that. If I could I would stick to one and two syllables maneuvers, but those sort of tricks you gotta do down big set of stairs or gaps and I'm too much of a pussy for that.

Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi Max all the way.

Ever lie about your age to help pick-up da ladies?

Oh come on! Seriously, whenever I'd go out with you guys we'd end up at places where the girls are like nineteen years old. You think they care whether I am 31 or 26?? I'd still seem old as fuck to them anyway haha.

Ha, you don�t look your age at all though! You seem to still be improving on a board; do you think your Gooch Street 3 section will be your last part?

I hope so haha! I'm not sure...every time I filmed a part in the last five years or so, it felt like it was gonna be the last one. I guess I'll keep filming as long as I'm still improving and learning new tricks. There's always gotta be some sort of progression between your sections I reckon. I wouldn't wanna film an entire video part doing stuff that I've already done like seven years ago. I kind of want my last proper section to also be my best one.

You�re currently working at a skate distribution warehouse? Do you think you�ll ever get a real job?

Hah, I could ask you the exact same thing! By the way, I'm not working at a "skate distribution warehouse". I work fulltime at the office of a skate/snowboard online shop. It's called And it IS a real job, so shut up!

Whatever.. Can you talk a little bit about why many criminals, or corrupt government officials for example, often choose to store their ill-gotten wealth in Swiss bank accounts?

Well, that�s a pretty complex subject. But basically, there's a law in Switzerland that says that the banks don't have to provide any information about your bank account to anyone. Neither to the police nor to the government. So your money is pretty save there and nobody is able to find out how much exactly you're storing in there. Of course that makes it quite appealing to criminals and tax evaders. It's all about to change now though, cause they've taken it a bit too far and pissed off way too many foreign governments along the way. Especially the Germans won't have any of it anymore haha. Way too many rich Germans just put all their money into Swiss bank accounts and paid fuck all taxes in Germany.

SW Inward Heel Manny - Jordan

Interesting. How many wolf t-shirts do you own?

Two. They're a couple years old and pretty worn out. Been thinking about getting a new one.

Did you ever push mongo?


Damn. Most embarrassing moment?

Probably when I couldn't find my cloths after a night swim on new year's eve and had to walk through the busy streets of Byron only wearing boxers. I didn't care much at the time, but thinking about it now makes me feel a bit embarrassed haha.

Who are you riding for nowadays?

Adidas gives me free shoes and I get Bones wheels and bearings and Indy trucks through the Swiss distributor.

When can we expect to see you back in Aus?

Sooner or later.

Not giving much away, eh? Well that�s about all I can think of to ask you about. It was awesome chatting with you again Seve. Any last words or shout-outs?

Yeah, good chatting to you too Tony! I just wanna say what up to all of my friends in Oz, all the skaters, the people I used to work with at Lush, everyone I've ever had the joy of having a drink with. I hope you haven't forgot about me yet haha. Also my family and friends in Switzerland of course! A big Thank You to my sponsors, for the interview and everyone else who's ever helped me out in any sort of way. Cheers!

Crow3y 12:05 21/May/13

WWoooohhhh... That was fucking Boss Seve.

doon 12:08 21/May/13

sick interview with the man! proper miss this guy

reesm8bigproblems 12:17 21/May/13

I was waiting for that throwaway part to get posted on here! Sw front tail inward heel revert out? Next level! Amazing stuff Seve, Great interview.

NIKEEEM 12:29 21/May/13

Nice work Seve! (although I was expecting more tranny pics)
We really miss your Monday morning run-downs of the weekends drunken escapades....

APU 12:38 21/May/13

Hell yeh seve! Killing it!!

imgne_ 12:54 21/May/13

Top work T-bags and Seve!

krang 12:58 21/May/13

throwaways? ? ?
that was one of the best parts I've seen this year.

walker94 13:13 21/May/13

If this is really throwies...holy fuck

imgne_ 13:41 21/May/13

Oh Top work to Brett too...

crazy eyes
crazy eyes 14:40 21/May/13

all sequence interview! nice one seve, tbags and brett!

doon 16:41 21/May/13

Sw tail 270 on the out that ledge is off it's head. Shit is head high and I'm a tall cunt as well. Amazing human/skateboarder

Evanz 17:03 21/May/13

Yeah saw this the other day on FB, fucking nutta section

Vagabond 17:32 21/May/13

Seve is the man! Tech master!

bazm8youresorted 18:14 21/May/13

fuck hes a pleasure to watch

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